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Waiting to try them out
"Going by the quality it should be fun very well made "
barry w.
Excellent Service and Communication - but I was lazy.
"Yes, I know the tool of another brand, but this one is very good!!! Thank you so much !"
Excellent service and very informative
"Excellent service and informative follow up emails"
Julie M.
great over all,
"Will definitely be back in fact I already have been, many times ☺"
mark m.
Just great
"Both product and support is great "
Marcus F.
Superior set
"This set has all you really need. And that in a double gauge set! The combination of single picks, rakes, BOK wrenches AND TOK wrenches adds up to an almost complete pick set. Finish was pretty nice for a mass-produced set. The design looks amazing, and is very comfortable to hold, even without sleeves. Sadly mine came in with a bend hook, but after contacting support about it, a replacement was send out right away! Great costumer service. "
Lars H.
Very happy
"Very happy with the product, well made and good service from the supplier "
Jason Norwood
Quality product, no sanding needed.
"Good as usual. Thanks."
First time user
"I have no basis for comparison, but I find the product well made and packaged. I have already opened a few locks, but I'll need a lot of practice, that's become very obvious. Something I look forward to using the Dangerfield PRAXIS set. The Bumpkeys website, ordering process and delivery are also very satisfactory. I will definitely recommend this store and product."
lock pick equipment
"nice set and had a few tension wrenches I did not own yet. should come in handy for difficult locks."
michael r.
Dangerfield PRAXIS
"Very good set, especially for thin key holes. "
Very nice kit
"I bought this kit after watching LPL's review of it. This makes taking locks apart a lot easier. I do agree with other reviewers that the tweezers would be more useful with curved ends, and with the help of a bench vice I have modified them as such which indeed allows a much more secure grip on pins and springs. Another tiny modification I made is grinding little extra notches into the tip of the pliers, this makes them usable to open certain circlips that are difficult to remove with the other tool."
Great service!
"Highly recommendable and inexpensive starter kit for serious lockpickers. Excellent value: quality picks, properly finished, neat case and the (mainly) top-of-keyway tension wrenches are invaluable. The service I received was exemplary. Good communications and the resolved my queries swiftly and helpfully. I'm glad I bought from UKBumpkeys and I'd be glad to recommend them. Thanks guys."
John L.
"Brilliant service excellent tool will buy again thank well recommended "
Christopher W.
Top of key wrenches
"These are a great bit of kit, well made"
graham l.
H&H pocket knife style pick set & vise.
"This is my second purchase from UKBumpKeys, the first was a gift, a beginner's pick set, a vise and two transparent locks. Gave us hours of entertainment. This set I got mainly to open the office drawers of my "new" desk: then it can * well STAY unlocked! Many thanks."
Pocket folding lockbpick set.
"Great feel, a bit different from using a standard lockbpick. Easy to get to know . Works well. Would buy another. Yes I would recommend this product."
Peter W.
ebook pdf
"Im a beginner in the world of lock picking and found this a very interesting read"
christian a.
One of the best purchases I have ever made
"This was a great buy with a bonus "
Timothy T.
padlock bypass tool
"simple , easy to use , and as any youtube watcher will know is quicker than using the key on master locks. good value and prompt service."
Excellent. Would buy again!
"Price performance ratio is good!!"
Martin E.
New Picks
"Very good picks arrived when without delay. Thanks"
No complaints.
"Arrived in good time with nothing missing or damaged. Picks reasonably well finished at this price point and with a little TLC with some very fine sandpaper, they’re a great addition or starter kit. I think they’d benefit from some heat wrap handles but they’re easily added and it’s all down to personal preference. overall, very complete product."
D S.
Lock disassembly tool set complete compact kit
"It appears ok. No damages on arrival. All the parts are complete and intact, which is a good thing. I have yet to disassemble a lock. But I do know when I do I have the correct tools to do this safely and a good chance I should not have springs and pins flying everywhere. "
Peter W.
Sparrow combination lock decoder
"Really good item, works well and has a really comfortable handle"
Great purchase.
"I'm only learning but the set is a great starter kit for a beginner. "
David T.
Dangerfield 10 piece Serenity Complete Lock Pick Set + Case
"Fast Delivery , My first set of picks and I will be purchasing additional items from UK Bump Keys in the near future , "
Jeffrey B.
Excellent kit
"This kit is an excellent addition to anyone who wants to re-pin a lock it gives you everything you need. A must for all locksporters."
TOK Tension Wrenches
"A great set o TOK tension tools, a must have for any kit."
cut away padlock
"this is a very useful lock it answered a lot of questions I was tryingto find the answers to very helpful I give 3 locks to a friend to cut the front of but they never worked out so it was better buying one from you thank you for the help you gave me satisfied customer again "
maureen f.