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Sparrow combination lock decoder
"Really good item, works well and has a really comfortable handle"
Great purchase.
"I'm only learning but the set is a great starter kit for a beginner. "
David T.
Dangerfield 10 piece Serenity Complete Lock Pick Set + Case
"Fast Delivery , My first set of picks and I will be purchasing additional items from UK Bump Keys in the near future , "
Jeffrey B.
Excellent kit
"This kit is an excellent addition to anyone who wants to re-pin a lock it gives you everything you need. A must for all locksporters."
TOK Tension Wrenches
"A great set o TOK tension tools, a must have for any kit."
cut away padlock
"this is a very useful lock it answered a lot of questions I was tryingto find the answers to very helpful I give 3 locks to a friend to cut the front of but they never worked out so it was better buying one from you thank you for the help you gave me satisfied customer again "
maureen f.
KLOM Wafer Picks
"I am very impressed with these picks. The selection of varied picks was fantastic and in a very nice carry case. Best of all, they work as they are supposed to. I was also impressed with the communication and service from UK BUMPKEYS and would recommend this seller and these picks."
Paul S.
"easy order, quick delivery, Thanks Del"
Derrick T.
Outstanding Slimline Pick Set
"Great product, very compact set of picks - great quality "
The bushcrafter
"King and queen picks.absolute ingenious design.some padlocks are difficult to open,very frustrating.this design over comes this.just push in and unlike rakes just lift up an down.force the pins in line.thats what these do.takes a bit of fettling by over time you master it.highly recommended.the inovations from uk bumpkeys are really superior.10 out of 10 staff.keep suppling us with lock busting gadgets.i just love these things as they do work.howard."
howard h.
top of keyway pry bar set
"you get a good assortment of thicknesses that fit the majority of locks but on some off the wider key ways even the thickest of pry bars is to thin with play in the keyway but it will still do the required job the overall quality is very good and i have purchased several of these sets that ive added to all my pick sets ao definitely worth the money"
John S.
Peterson euro reach 0.018 pick
"As usual the service from ukbumpkeys has been faultless, swift delivery in perfect condition. The pick itself is very nice, as you'd expect from a Peterson pick it is well made and works nicely. As a relative beginner in locksport the pick feels a little springy compared to my other picks so requires a light touch. It has stood up well to the abuse I've given it though. "
"Quality item, just wish they had a shop I could physically visit."
Wolf T.
Great items and fast delivery
"The items meet up to every expectation and make life a whole lot easier. Great products are produced by UK Bumpkeys and I happy to be one of their customers. "
Leslie T.
Top pruduckt
"Great pruducks and great service"
Henrik J.
excellent tools
"a well presented tool pack ,useful selection of picks,very high quality"
Feedback (Easy Pickings manual)
"Great book and a great companion. Easy reading Very informative. Great value."
Bradley T.
Great Lock Disassembly Tool Set
"This is really a great set i have had it for some time and not one issue, i heated the tweezers and shaped the tip to hold the pins works great "
Great little dimple set
"This is a great little dimple set, and very easy to use. They just need a little finishing with some wet and dry to make them perfect, the case is ok but you only use that for storage, Thank you to all the staff at UK BUMPKEYS great service every time,"
Simon W.
Fantastic products & service
"Great item, big fan of Peterson picks As always, fantastic service from UK Bump Keys"
7 pice flat master key set
"this is a very good set well cut"
Good delivery in good time
"Well got my pickset about 8 days after order, nice done. Tested the .15" one on a lock I have had problems convin got it open. More of a hobbypicker so not been using it as much as hoped but i got it and thats the most important part. "
Michael C.
All good here
"Waited for long time to order the full set of bump keys. when it seemed I would wait forever I decided to buy the "Bumping Set Starter Kit" as it had quite a few keys to get me going. About 3 days after I made the order I had a message to say the full kit was in. I contacted Chris and he refunded the starter kit price as still not sent, I ordered the full set and all is now good. Thanks Chris and the team."
Bryan C.
Peterson gem lock pick
"Very comfortable to use, price is affordable, love the feel."
Kerry K.
"Always had excellent service from UKBumpkeys. Super fast delivery and products always as expected. Many thanks. Andrew"
"Quick delivery, perfect practice locks. The starter difficulty is a bit too easy, I would only go for the Medium difficulty Clear lock picking padlock. "
Excellent customer service and fast delivery
"I haven't actually tried the mica yet as only had them today but wanted to write a review. Excellent quality item with free delivery which only took 2 days.Also excellent customer service when i messaged them with a query . Thank you"
christian abraham
Red Devils lock pick handles
"Very comfortable. Put some on my southord picks and some of my homemade picks. They work great!"
Kerry K.
Dangerfield Bogota Lock Pick Set review
"The picks took a little getting used to because of their rather unique shape, but once I was accustomed to this it was business as usual. The build and finish quality is excellent and I would have no second thoughts about making further purchases from your company."
Georgina F.
Versatile and convenient
"It could help to open most of the locks. It would be best if it could include 0.015 picks as it would be hard for European locks. Reasonable price in a compact packet."
Victor J.