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N95 Face Masks - KN95 PPE Mask
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N95 Face Masks - KN95 PPE Mask
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen
N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen

N95 Face Masks - (Box of 10) Protection vs. airborne particles, droplets, pollution, pollen

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N95 Disposable Face Masks (box of 10x KN95)- CE registered If you are a frontline worker or work in an area that req... more

N95 Disposable Face Masks (box of 10x KN95)- CE registered

If you are a frontline worker or work in an area that requires assistance with hygiene, or you intend to send our masks to someone who is one, please let us know. We are happy to discount these masks for you. We also stock disposable surgical masks

Our CE and FDA approved, sealed 10x KN95 Face masks offer demonstrably effective protection in all situations, are used regularly with obvious benefits for health and pollution, and have been worn most recently as an additional barrier against viruses. 

While they've become known for use during the pandemic, it's also true that studies in Germany have shown that there have been a marked decline in acute respiratory illnesses - which makes total sense when more and more people wear effective masks, and the spread of viruses - seasonal or otherwise - is prevented.

N95 face masks are generally more snug fitting, are worn for longer periods than the standard disposables and are rated to filter all 2.5+ micron size particles as well being constructed of multiple, non-woven, hydrophobic fabric layers.

Wearing them enhances your level of protection in the current pandemic, and perfectly compliment everything else you are doing to improve hygiene and safety.

This KN95 mask is a like-for-like equivalent of an N95 mask. The naming variation results from rating agencies labelling differences. 

The full specifications can be found in this document on the 3M website.


Why wear a face mask: 

  • Snug fitting Face masks: All layers help to protect against transmitted droplets, dust, pollens, pollution, flu. These are disposable for improved hygiene.
  • Allergen protection: Filtering, mask fabrics and an added inner layers for comfort. High grade non-woven materials to trap micro-particles and pollution.
  • Stay healthier - effective in environments to assisting in protecting your mouth and nose from droplet transfer
  • Form fitting nose piece allowing for a better, more comfortable fit
  • Multiple, 5 layer Protective barriers against bacteria carrying droplets, splattering liquids, allergens, foreign particles.
  • Comfortable ear loops hold the face mask in place for a better fit. Cover your nose and mouth daily.
  • Keep droplets away from your face. Covers your mouth, nose, chin, cheeks providing full protection.


Each mask consists of 5 filtering layers:

  • Outer layer of hydrophobic non-woven fabric - keeps all droplets out.
  • Middle layers of meltblown PP filter.
  • Inner layers of soft, comfortable non-woven fabric.
  • No latex, bacteria filtering
  • Shaped to your face for even greater comfort and better sealing


Contents of each 10 piece box:

  • 10x disposable, individually wrapped 3D-shaped KN95 face masks
  • Material: 5 layers of non-woven 25g/m2 pp fabric
  • Style: Easy-to-wear with elasticated ear loop and contoured nose piece
  • Filters: Each mask has 5 protective, filtering layers
  • Our versatile 5ply masks are single use and disposable for extra cleanliness


Studies comparing mask wearing to non-mask wearing persons in medical situations show that there is additional effectiveness against viruses. This isn't to say that mask wearing alone is a panacea - along with this, there should be continued 20 second hand washing with soap and social distancing.

Our masks are made of high quality non-woven, material which is essential to stopping micro-sized particles, and for keeping a barrier between your face and external particulate matter. It contains a bendable nose piece allowing for a better fit against your face. These are used daily in Asia for general health: suitable for adults and teenagers, they are perfect accessories for droplet and particle protection all year round.

Professionals will often use use masks to keep bacteria and germs out, or patients will be given masks to stop them from spreading their germs around. Keep breathing fresher and stay healthier in all situations - allowing you and your family a better lifestyle. This is a must have mask when are out or amongst crowds, suitable for household, clean rooms, shops, when using public transport etc. 

Breathe better air - face masks protect your mouth and face from droplet transfer, particles, pollution, dust, ash, allergy, odours, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking etc.

Our masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of > 95% and a fluid resistance of 120mmHg - which reflects the mask's ability to minimise the amount of fluid that could transfer from the outer layers through to the inner layer as the result of a splash or spray. They have also been tested as 'cool' in terms of ease of airflow when breathing normally. 

This is made with layers of polypropylene fabric, and is one of the lightest, safest breathable synthetic fabrics around - used every day in wearable textiles, tote bags, and commonly in surgical masks. Much like how you have clothing made of polyester, PP is an excellent, fitting and safe material for masks.

It is our belief that the more people that have, and are wearing masks, the more protected we all become against viruses - we can't socially isolate forever without additional protection, even when we are free to travel around and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe. Keep washing your hands with soap, stay home where possible, and stay protected when you have to go out.

How to wear your face mask:


Limited Stock:

As you will understand due to the recent outbreak of a new Coronavirus, we are experiencing an unusually high demand for the supply of personal protective equipment including masks. Whilst we are actively trying to fulfil the current demand for N95 disposable and surgical style masks through our wide supply chain, the manufacturers are now restricting the amount supplied to stockists.

Please refer to the links below for more detailed information on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV):

World Health Organisation

Wearing a medical mask can help limit the spread of some respiratory disease. However, using a mask alone is not guaranteed to stop infections and should be combined with other prevention measures including hand and respiratory hygiene and avoiding close contact – at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and other people.

WHO advises on rational use of medical masks thus avoiding unnecessary wastage of precious resources and potential mis-use of masks (see Advice on the use of masks). This means using masks only if you have respiratory symptoms (coughing or sneezing), have suspected 2019-nCoV infection with mild symptoms or are caring for someone with suspected 2019-nCoV infection. A suspected 2019-nCoV infection is linked to travel in an area in China where 2019-nCoV has been reported, or close contact with someone who has travelled from China and has respiratory symptoms.

UK Government latest information on Coronavirus

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the leading national public health institute of the United States.


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