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New Tools

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

Today we received shipment of 2 exciting new products.

First we have the KLOM electric lock pick gun replacement needle set. We have had so many requests for this amazing set of pick gun needles that we bought in a few 1000 to cover what we know will to be a huge demand for this extensive range of pick gun needles. This set is mostly designed to work with our electric pick gun but a good number of the needles can be used in our manual snap guns too.


Second product today is a smart little handcuff key which as every lock smith knows can come in so handy in the right situation. Since standard issue handcuffs are less of a lock and more of a restraint the mechanism is a simple sprung lever. You can now have your very own handcuff key for those moment when your escapology stunt goes wrong and the goldfish bowl on your head is starting to hurt. Fits most enforcement agency issue handcuffs.

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