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FREE Dangerfield SERENITY lock picks with every KRONOS EPG (expired)

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on


Hello Lock Pickers

Here's a fantastic deal for you..


FREE set of Serenity 10 Piece Pro Lock Picks with every KRONOS EPG or KRONOS COMPLETE SET....

Just order and we'll add the free picks!

The Multipick KRONOS EPG is the best Electric Lock Picking Gun ever made. In Bosnian Bill's online review he simply called it 'The Master Key' and then demonstrated it opening all manner of locks in seconds. Mind-blowing! 

The KRONOS EPG - it opens locks with ease, and then more, and more again!

If you need to open locks in your job but don't have the time to learn the intricacies of single pin picking, this tool can save you a lot of time, and time still means money!

Designed and precision manufactured in Germany by Multipick, the KRONOS EPG has proven itself as a game-changer, an exquisite piece of kit that will open lock after lock after lock - with little or no lock picking knowledge or training. Perfect for anyone who regularly needs to open locks quickly, and with no hassle.

The COMPLETE KRONOS SET, complete with Original Multipick 'Flip It' plug-spinner, Multipick adjustable circular tension tool, spare needles and more. An awesome box of lock opening potential!

You insert the tension wrench and apply a small amount of turning pressure, insert the KRONOS picking needle into the lock, and pull the trigger in short bursts. The powerful and yet incredibly quiet motor then goes to work and BOOM! Another lock yields, and the job is done.

Whether you buy a KRONOS EPG alone, on in the COMPLETE KRONOS SET, you'll receive a FREE set of our best-selling Professional Serenity Lock Picks with your order, saving over £20 and landing you with a superb set of pro lock picks.

Our Best-Selling Pro SERENITY 10 piece Lock Picks FREE with every KRONOS EPG and KRONOS COMPLETE SET. This pro set comes in a discreet and compact case.

So - if you've been toying with the idea of equipping yourself with this awesome lock opening machine - there has never been a better time! But hurry - we have limited stock for this deal.

The professional selection of Serenity lock picks, with a couple of amazing rakes and tension tools! It's yours, with a case, FREE - with every KRONOS EPG or KRONOS COMPLETE SET.

 Just add a KRONOS or KRONOS COMPLETE SET to your cart and we'll do the rest!

Welcome to a new world of freedom!

But HURRY - This offer is TODAY ONLY!

Chris Dangerfield.


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