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FREE Soho Lock Rakes - but HURRY - Limited Stock Offer.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on


What a GREAT time to treat yourself to a new PRACTICE LOCK.

A clear lock gives you access to the movement of the pins and how your picking affects them. Knowledge is power, and power increases your skills!

Buy ANY PRACTICE LOCK and we'll give you a FREE set of SOHO RAKES.

Our EXCLUSIVE Soho Lock Rakes have proven themselves as one of the most EFFECTIVE rake sets available. Slick, SHINY, mirror-like, smooth and utterly devastating to locks. They will fit nicely into your wallet, or add them to your favourite pick set to make it immediately even better!

Having taught Lock Picking for over a decade now CLEAR and CUT-AWAY practice locks are still the BEST WAY to learn how to PICK LOCKS.

This Multipick cut-away lock uses a REAL BKS lock, perfectly machined to reveal the inner workings as you learn how your pick affects the pins.

Becoming a good lock picker means understanding the language of locks, and being able to see the conversation between your pick and the pins WHILE YOU DO IT is second to none in terms of IMPROVING YOUR SKILLS.

Notoriously hard to photograph - Soho Rakes have a MIRROR-LIKE finish, which adds to the incredibly SMOOTH engagement with the pins, causing mind-blowing SUCCESS RATES even for the beginner.

So, choose a PRACTICE LOCK or two, add them to your cart with a set of SOHO RAKES and then use this code at checkout to get your SOHO RAKES for FREE!



You can see ALL our Practice Locks HERE.

You can see our Soho Rakes HERE.

There's never been a better time to increase your skills with a practice lock and improve your tools with some FREE Soho Rakes!

But HURRY - we have a limited amount of stock for this deal. 

Best Wishes

Chris Dangerfield.




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