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Hackers, Preppers, Escape Artists, and Lock Pickers.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Sparrows Emergency Break Away Card

Hello Lock Pickers!

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Over the last decade I have noticed other activities overlapping with lock picking.  Hackers consider it standard to have a 'lock picking village' at their conventions. It's not difficult to see computer hacking as the digital version of lock picking. What you might not know is we also have a lot of interest from 'Preppers' and 'Escapologists'!

Preppers are people who foresee some kind of social collapse. They store food, they purify water, they prepare to survive, just in case the aliens arrive! The logic suggests there will be food, weapons and other supplies under lock and key, and when the owners of the keys have been beamed-up to the mothership - it would be handy if they could access the goods. Makes sense!

Harry Houdini looking for his tension tool

Another group that has overlapped with lock picking are escape artists. I've spoken to a lot of them about lock picking, and supplied a fair amount of kit too. But the question I haven't asked, is if they intend to use them in their act. Because I for one wouldn't want to have the added pressure of possibly drowning, when picking a lock! It's bad enough when it's raining.

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Happy picking!

Chris Dangerfield

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