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Lock Picking Tips - Tension tool tricks

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello Lock Pickers

Top of Keyway Tension Tools.


Last blog I discussed using top of keyway tension tools (which are back in stock, HERE) and how they improve your lock picking success rate. The response was so good, here's a couple of other tension tool tricks you might find useful. Enjoy...


Sometimes a pin might offer more resistance than usual and requires you to achieve a bit of leverage to pick it. It's not uncommon to use the wards in the keyway - the zig-zag-like shape providing a variety of small surfaces you can use as a fulcrum. If the wards aren't working, the tension tool can provide a perfect fulcrum upon which you can get your leverage. You can even insert and place the tension tool in such a way to provide the fulcrum precisely where you need it. It's worth practicing even when you don't need it, so you're familiar with the process. Give it a go - it's a revelation!


tension tool

Leverage on the tension tool


6pc Sprung Tension Tool Set


I'm a real fan of raking. We're the only shop that has an Entire Selection of Rakes. But without 'pulsing' there would be no raking. Pulsing is the act of repeatedly applying and releasing pressure on your wrench as you're raking the lock. You're feeling for changes, for pins setting, or for pins locking up - and you're responding accordingly. That response could be less or more pressure, it could be faster or slower pulsing, it could be a change of pick or rake. The more you practice raking, the more you'll get used to interpreting the feedback from your wrench and your pick, and thus you'll learn the right course of action. Pulsing makes sense because just as the rake is moved around in the lock, hoping to create the right condition in the lock to set a pin, so must the wrench. Rather than trying to maintain the same tension when raking, let the wrench and rake dance together, so the changing relationship between the two increase your chances of creating the right circumstances to set a pin. Give it a go - Pulsing brings Raking to life! (NOTE: The Sparrows Octo rakeSandman rake, and Serpentine Rake are in stock now too!)

Sparrows octopus rake

Octopus Rake


Advanced Tension Tools


Having options makes lock picking easier. Different picks, different techniques, and of course, different tension wrenches. We already discussed the magic of top of keyway wrenches (or 'TOK' as they're known). But there's all manner of tension tools that you might like to investigate. Round Tension Tools are very good for Lock Pick Guns. The Feather Touch Wrench is very good for pulsing. There's a great set of Sprung Tension Tools that you can bend to fit the situation in hand. Be sure to have a look at all of our Tension Tools (HERE), and maybe treat yourself to some variations. Perhaps my favourite wrench might tempt you, the z-wrench. Give them a go!

Dangerfield Z-Wrench

Take care, and successful lock picking!


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