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Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Welcome to our new look shop.

You know what we do, new and innovative tools at amazingly low prices. I urge you to look around, have a look at the prices other shops charge and I know you'll come back. You want more? Ask on Twitter. We're @ukbumpkeys and have nearly 30,000 followers, go on there and ask about our tools, our prices, our service - anything! I know how much I care about our shop and our customers and I have every faith they will be honest in their praise for us.

It's been an amazing few months for UK Bump Keys, I bought 5000 KLOM pick guns so I could sell them for LESS THAN HALF the national average and was rewarded by selling the lot! We're now on our second batch. This is how we operate, we don't rely on big profit margins to stay in business, we rely on our thousands of loyal customers knowing a good price and trusting a good service, as long as turnover is high, everyone wins!

Keep an eye out over the next few months apart from the 5 new products we've introduced recently (including a Custom SouthOrd set and our amazing handmade Bogotas and Sohos) we've got a few in the pipeline that will raise a few eyebrows whatever part of this crazy field you're in.

Until next time

Chris Dangerfield


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