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Li-ion Electric Lock Pick Gun

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

Finally we have the excellent Li-Ion Electric Lock Pick Gun back in stock. One of the most powerfull pick guns on the market today. Featuring Lithium technology battery to give it a longer life span than ordinary batteries. The pick gun comes complete with various needles, picks and tools to give you more choice in approaching locks to open. Check out our video on the product page to see how easy this pick gun is too use and how well it can open many locks.

This Electric Lock Pick (EPG) is one of the best and for around a third to half the price of the top of the range pick guns. It has a strong steady needle motion and is adjustable to beat almost any cylinder lock you try it on. The operation is smooth and the motor sensitive to the requirements of the lock picking tool.

The pick includes (8) different needle type pick tips, and (2) tips for dimple type locks. (2) tension wrenches, a broken key extractor, high quality carrying case, and a 100V - 240V A/C power adapter are also included. The adapter plug is setup for North American plug types, but with a simple adapter (not supplied but can be bought for a couple of quid on the high str or online) the same charger can be used in other areas of the world regardless of the voltage used in that country. The pick comes with a 90 day warranty. Other features, an LED light, adjustable action, pick protecting technologies, and more innovative features.

Check out the price! INCREDIBLE!!!!!

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