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Multi Gauge Mortice Lock Pick now in stock

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

In stock now we have an excellent Multi Gauge Mortice Lever Lock Pick that is almost a work of art. This Curtain Pick will give you lock picking access to an huge range of Mortice Lever Locks of the British Standard (BS) type that in the past had to be drilled. BS Mortice Locks are easily distinguishable from non BS because they contain a protective curtain to help hide the inner workings and thus making hard to manipulate the levers or bolt. Curtain Picks are lever lock picks that include in the set a tensioner that gives the picks the ability to work beyond the curtain and pick the lock.

A big issue with Curtain Lock Picks is the number of different locks, the variation in gauges, whether its the left or right versions and a whole lot of tricky well made levers - hidden away behind the curtain - doing their best to prevent you from manipulating them. This decent Multi-Gauge Curtain Pick will help to take all of this into your stride and produce a curtain lock pick set that provides picking of a good number of locks for the lock picker hoping to do so.

We tried many Curtain Picks before settling on this one. It's a great piece of lock picking kit that you can rely on.

It's great to introduce you to this Multi Gauge Lever Mortice Lock Pick.



• Covers all nine gauges of keyhole.
• Comes complete with left and right wires.
• Includes new thumb turn design which allows for lever angle recognition.
• Opens all curtain bolt thrown mortice locks (i.e. British Standard insurance rated mortice locks)
• Opens the Chubb detainer series of locks (3G110 etc)
• Basic instructions included.
• Made in the UK.

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