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KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun Basic User Guide

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun User Guide

KLOM Electric Lock PIck Gun - How To Guide....

Hello and welcome to amazing world of the KLOM EPG (electric Pick Gun). This superb lock picking tool has been a consistently great seller since UK Bump Keys brought them out years ago, and continue to sell them for much less than everyone else.



Before you start picking, ensure your KLOM EPG is fully charged. You’ll require an adaptor for UK plugs, but once the charge is plugged into the gun and the mains a red light will appear on the charger. The red light will turn green once the unit is fully charged, which can take up to 5 hours but frequently charges sooner.

Make sure the U-Clamp is attached to the swing arm that sticks out from the chuck. This is where the pick gun needles are attached to the gun. Pick Gun needles are like normal lock picking, you’ll want to trial and error with different locks. You’ll soon find your favourites and work out which ones work better with different locks. This is purely personal and something you’ll learn as you continue using the KLOM EPG.

WARNING: The needles that come with the KLOM are very delicate. We advise beginners to get some Brockhage pick gun needles which are incredibly strong and will take a lot more heavy handed use. We sell a variety of sets at great prices.

Once the KLOM EPG is charged you need to attach the Chuck to the body. Have a good look at both parts and you’ll see how they align with ease. The chuck then twists into place and can be removed using the reverse twisting motion. You can tell when it’s correct as each part sits flush with the other. If you have trouble fitting the chuck, fiddle with the mechanism protruding from the body so it moves into a more receptive position for the chuck. It’s this mechanism that might cause a few problems, but it’s easily overcome in a matter of seconds.

Ensure the forward/reverse button is pressed all the way across. It doesn’t matter which way if you’re using the picking chuck as the mechanism works the same either way. You only need to use the different directions when using the ‘Drill’ chuck and you need a certain direction. If the button isn’t pushed all the way left or right it will not function.

The adjustment screw on top of the chuck is your main focus now. This screw alters the ’swing’ of the needle arm, which is key in successfully picking locks with this EPG. Too much swing and you’ll snap needles, too little and it won’t open locks.  Experiment with this before putting a needle into a lock so you can see how much it is moving. To pick locks you need the needle almost vibrating a fraction of a mm – but experience and practice will teach you this and how much to adjust it when trying different locks. Don’t stick to one setting though, experiment with different locks and remember you have this to help give you more chance when picking locks. Some will require more swing, others, less. Turning the screw clockwise will tighten it creating less swing and anti-clockwise will loosen it creating more swing.

The KLOM Electric Pick Gun is now ready to start opening locks. As with any lock pick tool the KLOM EPG does require practice. The more you use the KLOM EPG the better you’ll get at opening locks easily and quickly. Practice on locks that aren’t ‘in use’ as damage, snapping of needles etc might cause the lock to malfunction and then you’ll have all sorts of problems you could have easily avoided. Second hand locks can be easily obtained from online markets for very cheap and make ideal practice locks for all types of lock picking.

I advise you start with minimal ‘swing’ and slowly increase it by loosening the Needle Adjust screw. If you find the screw is rattling loose due to the vibration of the needle, put the O-Ring (supplied) over the screw and this will stop.

You now need a tension tool and a lock. Insert your tension tool and prepare the KLOM EPG as above and select a needle. Tighten the needle in the U-Clamp using the key supplied, adjust the ‘swing’ to very minimal by tightening the needle adjustment screw. Once you’re comfortable with this you can insert the needle into the lock. There are a few things to consider now:

  • The needle reaches all the pins, from the one at the front to the one at the back.
  • The needle is free to move in the lock without being obstructed by either the tension tool or the wards in the keyway.

You should be able to see if the needle can move freely and if not, tilt the gun. Try and ensure the needle is parallel with the pins and not titled horizontally.

Now you can start. It’s best to use the KLOM EPG is short bursts of about half a second to a second whilst applying pressure to the tension tool – just a bit – until the lock opens. Personally I like to ‘pulse’ my tension tool whilst pressing the trigger on the gun. This seems to be the most effective technique. The KLOM EPG can also be ‘twisted’ slightly left to right as long as the warding in the keyway or the tension tool aren’t stopping it working.

If the pick gun stops moving and you can still hear the motor, let go of the trigger and remove the needle from the lock. You should then be able to start again.

Although the KLOM EPG is a quick and simple method of opening locks, don’t expect miracles! Unless you’re an experienced lock picker you are going to have to get used to the whole tension tool aspect of using this unit – in almost every case, people use TOO MUCH tension, it really is a minimal amount of pressure, otherwise you’ll lock up the pins and prevent the tool working.

As with all our tools – if you have any problems, or require any more advice just let me know. Happy picking!


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