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Ford Tibbe Lock Pick and Decoder - how it works.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

The Ford Tibbe Lock has been in use for nearly 20 years and as well as being the locks on Ford vehicles can also be found on many Jaguars. The lock itself is quite interesting as it depends on aligning 6 rotary discs so the side-bar is free to fall into the open position, allowing the lock to turn and unlock the door. All 6 discs need to be moved in the right position for this to happen, a job the correct key does. Picking such a lock requires something quite different. Remember - unlike a key - a pick has to work on every lock, not just one, which is where the ingenious Ford Tibbe Lock Pick and Decoder comes in. Horray!
The discs in a Ford Tibbe lock
A Ford Tibbe key has a long, cylindrical blade with a variety of 6 notches cut into it. The naked eye can see the differences in angles of these cuts, the differences in shape. These various inclined surfaces are what give the key it's distinctive feature, and you can start to see how the key - and then the lock - work.
Ford Tibbe key tip
There are four possible depths of these cuts and with 6 positions - that's a lot of combinations - over 4000 in fact. The good news is, you don't have to go through all of these to work it out - the Ford Tibbe Pick does all the work for you.
The pick has 6 pairs of legs. Each of them needs to be rotated to find the correct depth of that position. There;s even more good news. There will ALWAYS be one NUMBER 4 disc. And when you find that (just by going through the legs until you find the one that resists, and won't move). To pick the lock from there is childsplay. You apply firm pressure on the NUMBER 4 disc you found - in the direction the lock is to open. What you've effectively done here, is give yourself the tension tool. Meaning once all the other positions have been 'picked' the lock opens. To do that, you simply move all the remaining legs until they offer resistance. You'll know it's done correctly because the lock will turn and the door will open!
The Tibbe Lock PIck and Decoder
What makes the Tibbe Lock Pick even better - and why I'm prone to call it 'The Magic Wand' is that not only is it a doddle to use (watch video) to pick the lock, since it has numbers on each of the barrells, it automatically decodes the lock as you pick it, simply read the numbers along the top of the pick once the lock opens. Absolutely incredible. We even supply a Ford Tibbe Lock Make-Up key so you can provide your customer with a temporary key if they haven't locked it in the car, but simply lost it!
I hope this has made things clearer for you The Tibbe Lock Pick and Decoder is one of the most effective lock picks I have ever used and I can say with absolute confidence it has NEVER let me down, I have always succeeded in opening Tibbe Locks with this pick. That's a pretty good record right, 100%. Have a look at the video below to see how simple, quick and simply amazing this pick is.
Video showing the Ford Tibbe Pick in Action
If you have any questions about this, any of our picks, or anything lock picking related, don't hesitate to ask, it's what I'm here for. Happy picking!

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