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Lock Pick Handles are here + Save 25%

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

OK - have you got chunky fingers that make lock picking a bit tricky? Or is there just something about holding that bare metal that 'digs' a bit? Do you often find the edge of the picks pushing into your finger, causing cuts, sores, or are just a bit painful? Or is it just uncomfortable holding picks? Either way, the solution is here!

Lock Pick Handles - Pack of 12.
These bad-boys are going to revolutionize your picking!

These wicked cool handles slip on TIGHT and will fit most picks, including most made by Dangerfield, SouthOrd, Sparrows, Multipick and more. 

You simply snip the end off depending how far up the pick you want the handle to go, then push it on. The comfortable rubber foam provides a lovely cushioned texture which maintains feedback without slicing your fingers to pieces! 

Easy to apply, nice, comfortable picks are here!

Once applied these handles DO NOT SLIP, there's absolutely NO movement and your feedback from the lock is intact.

A far more appealing tool to work with. 

To launch our handles we're doing a cool deal.You can get AS MANY SETS AS YOU WANT with a HUGE 25% off. 

There's TWELVE handles in each pack!

Use code:      handles25     at checkout to SAVE a WHOPPING 25%

You can go straight to the handles HERE!

Happy - and comfortable - picking!

Chris Dangerfield

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