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Lock Smith PeepHole & Letter Box Tools

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

We now have 2 new Pep Hole & letter box tools for all the lock smiths that buy lock picking tools from us. Being purely lock bypass tools they are both designed to access the door on the inside by going through the Peep Hole, the letter box or similar opening and manipulating the locking mechanism from the inside. We have secured a deal with our lock picking suppliers so we can offer you the best deal on these amazing lock out tools.

Black Widow Peep Hole & Letterbox Tool

 After insertion through the Peep Hole letterbox (or similar gap in other jobs such as windows and cars - often made with an air-wedge) the Black Widow Peep Hole & Letterbox tool allows manipulation of the handle from the other side of the door.

The Black Widow Peep Hole & Letterbox tool takes no prisoners. Like Our Magic Loop Peep Hole & Letterbox Tool the complexity has been taken out and the process simplified. The plethora of different grabbing ends, mirrors, multi-articulate swivel-linked bla bla bla to be found on other letterbox tools - with success rates rarely doing justice the three figure and puzzle-like contraptions on the market.

Magic Loop Peep Hole & Letterbox Tool

Letter Box and Peep Hole Locksmith toolNot only do most peep-hole & letterbox tools complicate the issue with multi articulated and joined sections - mirrors, cameras, triple grabbing arms, pulleys and weights, etc -  the Magic Loop has taken things back to basics and as produced a neat little tool that works in conjunction with your intuition and natural ability. The problem with most commercial letterbox tools is they try to do the entire job for you and as such over complicate the otherwise simple process and in many cases make it more difficult and frustrating. Sure this won't reach as many tactically placed locks, but at about a 20th of the price it reaches enough!

Another exclusive from UK Bump Keys that redefines a classic technique by approaching the idea from a new innovative angle.

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