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Disabled Toilet Keys

Keys for Disabled Toilets Access

Our NKS / RADAR access Disabled Toilet Keys are for anyone who has special needs when it comes to being out and about town. We understand that not everyone's disabilities are visible - and queuing while you need the bathroom is not always possible. 

Public locations like pubs, coffee shops, Starbucks, outdoor parks and so on will commonly have official disabled access toilets. These are often locked with RADAR locks which take a special key, the RADAR keys. You can download an app to find their locations and our keys allow you to use them if you're the kind of person that either a visible, or invisible disability that requires special help. 

What are RADAR / NKS locks?

RADAR is short for The Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, (now the Disability Rights UK). In 1981, the National Key Scheme (NKS) was set up to make sure that disabled toilets were kept free and clean for the users that need them.

RADAR locks not only allow disabled users to access facilities independently, but they also protect washrooms from misuse and vandalism. Thousands of registered disabled users carry a RADAR / NKS key with them so that they can access over 10,000 washrooms in the UK including public washrooms in shopping precincts, bus stations, train stations and sports facilities. Over 400 local authorities have adopted the scheme to date.

We only supply the best, most reliable keys. With our decades of experience and reviews - if it's a lock, we are happy to provide trusted access. 

There are a few main types, but they function the same way - here at UKBumpkeys, we recognise that as our population ages, more and more elderly will need urgent access to toilets and bathroom care while away from your home. With this in mind, we stock keys that have larger, easy-to-hold key-heads that allow anyone to turn them in locks fitted for RADAR key access. After selling these aids for years now, we guarantee their quality to give you peace of mind - or your money back. 

You'll see that we sell two primary colours of large-handle keys - both easy to find in your bag or pocket. We also sell keys with easy to find lanyards so you can attach them around your neck, your wrist, your bag - we're here to make life easier. 

We also offer quantity discounts bulk buyers. Times are tough - let us set your mind at ease on the bathroom front. With free shipping, our service guarantee and fast dispatch and great customer service and fantastic reviews, you can make your purchases without worrying.