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Customers want FREE stuff!

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

Another amazing week in UK Bump Keys history with more orders processed in one week than ever before. It's a great sign that we're still doing what we've been doing with lock pick sales for 10 years - listening to customers and giving them what they want.

We started selling lock picks 10 years ago and have maintained the same business model we had then: Best Possible Price. (BPP). My staff are sick of me signing every email with the letters BPP - instilling this in the minds of all of us here saves a lot of questions. When looking at a new lock pick, we simply work out the BPP and if it's inviting, we go for it.

Having such a large customer base, with a mailshot of over 50,000 lock pickers from around the world and over 5000 visitors to the shop every week, we rely on large turn-over, not large profits - and everyone's happy.

But if there's one thing lock pickers like more than anything, more than great service, great price and great products. Lock Pickers like FREE Lock Picks!!! That's the bottom line. All of our promotions that have involved some sort of freebie are always the most popular, with our recent promotion with the free jacknife receiving the most visitors to the shop in one hour than EVER before! Before that we gave away the free book on lock picking, and again the shop went crazy.

It's no breakthrough in marketing: Lock Pickers want free lock picks, but it is something many traders get wrong, with their 10% off , sweets (really a competitor was offering free sweets with orders over £x amount) and other complications. We cut to the chase. We don't bother with 10% off ere, 15% off there, no, we give you something for FREE.

And there;s another one on the horizon, I've secured a huge amount of a previously unseen lock pick and am going to give hundreds away. I'll tell all of our previous customers first and if there's any left I'll release the link onto Twitter - needless to say it will be popular and with a limited amount to GIVE AWAY it will be first come first served, but don't worry, I'm already working on the next UK Bump Keys Give Away. Free lock picks are good for us, but free lock picks are great for YOU!

Take care of you and yours, keep an eye out around the shop - more new tools, more new deals, and more free lock picks.

Chris Dangerfield


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