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Lock Picking Sets

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

Hey Hey Hey! I managed to get out of going to a wedding today - which is always nice. Personally I didn't think they should get married in the first place, and when I told my friend, he was quick to tell me the wedding had merely been rescheduled, not cancelled. Oh dear.

So I've taken my foot out of my mouth and since it looks like monsoon season has hit London I thought I'd write a little post about our new lock picking sets. Namely our Lock Picking Starter Special and our Dangerfield's Premium Lock Pick Set.

Buying lock picking tools in sets saves money. Moreover, these sets are ideal for starters and make perfect gifts - because they both contain a Clear practice Lock - you can start picking locks the moment they come through your letter box. Here's each set with a breakdown of the lock picking tools included:


Dangerfield's Premium Lock Pick Set

This set is a real treat, containing all the top quality Dangerfield lock picking tools and a clear plastic lock. The Dangerfield Serenity Lock Picks have got rave reviews everywhere. We've even put a length of Heat-shrink Tube in to add comfort and grip to your lock picks. With some of the finest rakes available, namely the Dangerfield Bogotas and Dangerfield Sohos, and our Dangerfield Z-Wrench - you'll not only be opening locks immediately, but well equipped to develop your lock picking skills for a long time to come. An exquisite set of our very own tools.

The Dangerfield Premium Lock Pick Set contains:

All of this for only £49.99 (+VAT)


Lock Picking Starter Special

This set is much like the above, but with even more rakes and wrenches! A truly indulgent lock picking set of the most amazing, top quality and best-selling lock picking tools we have. Again, you  (or a friend) can start picking locks as soon as it arrives using the Brockhage Clear Practice lock, which allows you to see the pins and springs as you pick. With the 13pc Pin Cylinder Jigglers, the 4pc Pry-Bar tension tools (everyone's talking about) and 2 pro-quality sets of lock rakes, this really is a fantastic set at an incredibly low price.

The Lock Picking Starter Special contains:

All this for only £110.00 (+VAT)

Lock picking sets - the way forward!



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