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Lock Picking mailing list and discount tension tools

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

If you're on our mailing list (and you can simply email me at to join) you'll know that we do many email promotions, either offering free lock picking tools, discounts on existing lock picks, new tools, and similar deals that any lock picker wouldn't want to miss. So if you fancy being on the list and finding out about these amazing deals, either email me at or use the contact form there on the left.

Examples of recent deals have been FREE Sohos with every Wave Rake XS set bought. We did a 10% off all Tension Tools and a 10% off all Lock Rakes. We launched our new Lock Picking Sets via email once, and we send out links to our many lock picking blogs such as the recent interviews with security Guru Marc Tobias, impressioning guru Oli Diederichsen - who literally wrote the book about it, and Jos Weyers, the world champion lock picker and lock impressioner. Joining the mailing list gets you not only the best new deals, but lock picking information too. No one else gets this info - only people on the mailing list can get the free lock picks!

You have nothing to lose, but loads of shiny new ultra discount lock picks to gain!

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