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Three Lock Picking Tools I Wouldn't be Without.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all.

It's been a while since I wrote a blog, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes here - new tools in development, a new website on the horizon, and loads of back-end stuff that will make your favourite lock pick shop an even slicker than the slick slickness from slicksville it already is. Anyway, I'm doing one now and I thought I'd give a quick mention to what I've called 'Three Lock Picking tools I wouldn't be without' - my favourite lock picks really, but trying to sound more sophisticated. 

There's no best or worst tool, there's the one that's best for you and the job in hand. But without doubt there's tools that seem to serve us well, techniques that lend themselves to our skills. Here's the ones at the top of my tree:

1 - Wriggler Rakes

This set has 8 tools, each with a pick on each end. Because you can use each side of the pick, that means there's actually 32 rakes in this set. That's a lot of rakes. If I approach a pin tumbler the wriggler rakes are my first choice of attack, and having used them for years, I'm pretty quick with it too.  Raking is superb, and these make it a pleasure.

2 - 3 Piece Universal bump key set. 

OK so I designed these. Yes, And I was the first person to use Dampeners and take the shoulder completely off. I was also the first person to provide a set of three keys with different bump-patterns. These have now become the benchmark for bump keys worldwide. So you can see I'm rather proud of our bump keys. They work a treat too, many thousands of happy customers later, they're still the best in the world! Just look at those different bumping patterns - the DETAIL!!! Sorry, I'll calm down now.

3 - KLOM Electric pick gun.

This thing opens locks. That's all it does. Loads of them and really simply. Under 50 quid too. I wouldn't be without it. That's all you need to know.

If you're new to lock picking I've written some helpful blogs HERE on where to start and what tools might get you going. 

However you do it - Enjoy your picking!

Chris Dangerfield

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