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Is your house vulnerable to this simple trick?

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Is your house vulnerable to this simple trick?

I've opened HUNDREDS of Doors With This Old Locksmith Trick


Hello there!

You're already aware there's many different lock picking tools. But when it comes to your standard front door cylinder lock, I've opened more locks with this one tool than any other. More importantly, I'd bet more than half the people reading this have front doors that are vulnerable to this simple technique.

You've probably seen people in movies opening a door with a credit card. And while that's not actually possible, the technique is based on fact. Instead of a credit card, you need MICA.

The technique is simplicity itself: The MICA is inserted between the door and the frame, pushed though so as to be able to be brought down on the latch, forcing the latch into the lock, which allows the door to open. This diagram makes it clear...


Diagram showing MICA inserted between door and frame.

What the diagram doesn't show you, is how MICA manages to get round the tight right-angles between a door and a frame. That's what makes MICA the perfect tool for this job. It combines the two essential characteristics required for this operation: Strength and Flexibility. MICA easily finds itself round these corners and into the right position. And with a bit of fiddling about, you'll soon be able to draw it down and onto the latch - it's at this point that you aim to get the MICA 'behind' the curve of the latch, which will allow you to then continue moving the MICA down, forcing the latch back into the housing of the lock, and the door to open

Of course, if the lock is dead-bolted, or has a square latch, MICA will not work. But in my experience you're looking at literally MILLIONS of locks upon which this incredibly simple tool, will work in minutes. A must have for any locksmith or person interested in lock picking.

I suggest you give MICA a go on your own front door - and if it works, consider getting some additional security...


We sell MICA in three sets....

6 pieces assorted thicknesses

5 pieces assorted thicknesses

11 pieces (combination of above two sets)


Chris Dangerfield



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