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How To Pick Locks - How to Identify and Pick Spool Pins (VIDEO)

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

How to Pick Locks

How to Identify and Pick Spool Pins (VIDEO)

Hello Lock Pickers

When learning how to pick locks, one of the most rewarding moments is developing your skills and and learning how to take on a new lock picking tool or technique that means you can pick more, and higher quality locks.

SECURITY PINS are a classic milestone in the journey of all lock pickers, since if you don't know how to pick them, you can't pick ANY locks that contain them. Not only that, not being able to identify a security pin means you will get very frustrated when trying to pick a lock and wonder why the pins are not responding in the way you expect! Something's going on in the lock but you don't know what - and you don't know why you can't pick it.

Modern pin-cylinder locks contain many types of security pins, often mixing up different types to make it even more confusing. But once you learn to identify what type of security pin you're picking, by the feedback it provides, you can pick it - if you know how.

Today's video shows how to identify SPOOL PINS by the counter-rotation they give to your tension tool. Once you know that's what you're dealing with, picking it is actually quite simple. So enjoy this video from LOCK PICKING LEGEND and learn how to pick spool pins!

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