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Klom Electric Pick Gun Spares

Posted by Mark Stuckey on

Today we added a whole bunch of spares for the excellent Klom electric lock pick gun. This is by far the worlds best value electric lock pick gun, we alone have sold over 20000 of this wickedly potent locksmith tool. Able to pick a whopping range of pin tumbler locks that it can pick often in seconds with very little know how. After tons of requests from new and regular customers and supplying the parts as special orders we have decided that its time to offer the replacement parts as regular products in the shop.

 As all our customers have come to expect over the years we have been trading in quality and value lock picks, pick guns, bump keys, bypass tools and many other locksmith tools we have kept the price of these spares to the absolute lowest possible price an still make enough profit to continue trading. With the amount of trade we do to locksmiths, police, security specialists, lock picking enthusiasts, landlords, utility companies and many more interested parties. We know that you our valued customers continue to support us in our quest to keep prices down and stop the Rip off Britain mentality that still exists today in many areas of the trade and retail supply of locksmith tools and equipment. 

Replacement KLOM needle set
The complete set of KLOM needles and apares that originally come with the KLOM Electric Pick Gun. A variety of...
KLOM Pick Gun North American Charger
USA and Canada Power Supply unit for KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun
KLOM zip-up Tool Bag
Here's a chance to buy the KLOM stiff canvas zip-up tool bag. It's the one the KLOM EPG comes in....
Spare Chucks for KLOM Electric Pick Gun
Both KLOM Chucks for the KLOM Electric Pick Gun. This set consists of the Picking chuck with the needle arm,...
KLOM Euro Charger
Spare KLOM Euro Charger. You will still require an adapter, (£1 from a pound shop) so if you

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