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Pick Guns

High quality lock pick guns at unbeatable prices.

Lock Pick Guns were originally designed for law enforcement and the emergency services. Today, they are used by professional services that require fast, convenient entry as a compliment to manual lock picking.

Lock Picking Guns work by using a needle which flicks at the pins. You will need to insert a tension tool so when the pins are flicked above the shearline they will stay there. Once all the pins have been 'held' above the shearline, the lock opens. Manual pick guns require you to pull the trigger, causing the needle to flick, whereas an Electric Pick Gun will flick hundreds of times with one pull of the trigger.

Our extensive range of Snap Guns, Manual Pick Guns and Electric Pick Guns (EPGs) from Dangerfield, Multipick, Brockhage, and Klom  are available in our store and are perfect for every lock-out occasion. They are one of the most effective ways to pick a lock quickly, and with ease.