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How to pick a lock - as slowly as possible.

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Those 'Love Lock' Bridges! (funny video)

All those 'love locks' have been causing problems.

Hello Lock Pickers

Happy Valentine's Day!

If like me romance is something you only see in the movies or your long lost past, worry not, for here at Lock Pick World we have brought a bit of spice into your life and even - remarkably - managed to combine it with lock picking!

Believe me, that's no easy task. The obvious option would have been the  'love-lock' bridges, where lovers write sweet nothings onto a padlock, clip it onto the fence on a bridge, then cast the keys into the eternity of the water below, only for them to fall to the bottom and sit forever in the mud, much like the cold truth of love itself.

Ahh, the sweet love-locks of bridges around the world, a beautiful image of the endearing bond of romance and delight. Also, obviously, a lock pickers dream, especially a bitter, old, resentful, lonely one who would no doubt take pleasure in not only picking the lock, but removing some young loves symbolic gesture.

Oh dear. The irony. The fate of many such love-lock bridges is the scrap heap as the accumulated weight of all those padlocks weighs up. Many people incorrectly thought the strain was on the bridge, the truth is less dramatic, but the fences tend to collapse, meaning the same lovers who left a lock, walking home after a romantic glass or two might find themselves sleeping with the fishes.

So no, I wanted to avoid all of that so looked far and wide, dredged the internet for something interesting, something that combined our love of lock picking with out love of love. And I think I've done pretty well.

So here's a video for you. And as you watch it, I want you to think to yourself, is there ever a time when you would try to pick a lock as slow as possible? Is there ever a time when you leave your best tools in the bag and mess around with the lock for what seems like an eternity? I wonder. Happy Valentines Day.



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