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The Case of the Free Soho Lock Rakes...

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

FREE Soho Lock Rakes With Every Case


Hello Lock Pickers.

It's time to treat yourself. It's also time to treat your favourite picks. With the success of our best-selling DANGERFIELD range of lock picks, we decided to make a premium leather, zip-around case. So all those individual picks you've cannibalized from different sets to make your PERFECT pick set they can now have their own home. Great picks shouldn't be in plastic bags or little cardboard boxes, they should be protected in style.

Although compact and slim, this case holds a large range of picks. High quality leather, slick design, and premium manufacture means this case compliments your tools and your skills, brilliantly. Sounds great right? Well it gets better....

To celebrate the launch of the Dangerfield Premium Leather Case we're giving away a set of our Dangerfield Soho Lock Rakes ABSOLUTELY FREE with every case. The case alone is great value, you've just saved an additional £8.38 by getting the Dangerfield Sohos ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Dangerfield Soho Lock Rakes - FREE with every Dangerfield Case



As you can imagine there's only a limited amount of Sohos we can give away for nothing! So if you're ready to treat yourself, and your picks, now's the time - quick, no one's looking!



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