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Train Your Brain - Learn How to Pick Locks

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Train Your Brain - Learn How to Pick Locks

Research Shows Learning How to Pick Locks Could Improve Brain Function

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Groundbreaking research reveals the astounding cognitive benefits experienced by those who delve into the captivating world of puzzle solving, like crosswords.  Yet, if you consider lock picking as a puzzle, with each new lock a new set of problems to solve, it's no wonder people get hooked after they open their first lock.

Picture yourself with a sharper mindenhanced memory, and improved problem-solving skills, all from the comfort of your own home, armchair, cup of tea, pint of gin, etc...

In an era-defining study, it was revealed that dedicated puzzle-solving could potentially delay the onset of cognitive decline by a remarkable two and a half years. These findings emphasize the transformative power of engaging in mentally stimulating activities to preserve your cognitive vitality. 

Introducing the Dangerfield REPINNABLE and CUT-AWAY lock, a must-have for beginners. With its unique design, you can easily change the key's biting, offering you endless possibilities with thousands of different locks in one. Plus, we've included security pins (spool and serrated) for those ready to take on even more challenges. Quickly and easily change the biting with the tools provided. DISCOVER MORE HERE


Our cutting-edge collection of lock picking sets, practice locks, and expert resources might ignite your cognitive prowess like never before. Join the ranks of lock picking enthusiasts who have personally witnessed the incredible benefits of this cognitive workout.


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The Dangerfield Skeleton Multitool made from aerospace grade aluminium has proved a favorite among lock pickers. With an additional 30 Piece Expansion pack available, this could be your ever-ready brain-training tool!


Don't allow time to diminish your mental acuity. When seen as a puzzle, lock picking could actually help you experience the power of a sharp mind that defies age. Our shop and our team of dedicated customer service support agents are waiting to help you embrace a future brimming with limitless possibilities!


Discover the Astonishing Benefits of Lock Picking:

  1. Enhance Short-Term Memory: Engaging in puzzle-solving activities reinforces connections between brain cells, improving mental speed and providing an effective way to boost short-term memory.

  2. Elevate Mood: Each successful lock pick triggers the production of dopamine, a chemical that regulates mood, memory, and concentration. Experience the rush of dopamine with every triumphant lock pick, uplifting your mood and sharpening your focus. I've been picking locks for decades and this feeling NEVER goes away. As the locks get more challenging, the rush increases!

  3. Unwind and Relax: Escape the temptation of screen time before bed. It's one of the worst things you can do to get a healthy night's sleep. Embrace the superior relaxation opportunity presented by lock picking, promoting better sleep and allowing you to unwind and switch off completely. It's calm, it's delicate, it's fascinating, it's James Bond putting his feet up.

  4. Improve Visual and Spatial Reasoning: Delve into the intricate components of locks, analyzing and manipulating them like a Zen master. Regular lock picking practice enhances your visual and spatial reasoning skills, brain to hand and hand to brain coordination, transforming you into a master of perceiving and navigating three-dimensional spaces that you cannot see. Lock Picks give you the tools to navigate microcosmic worlds hiding inside of locks.

  5. Find Serenity and Stress Relief: Learning how to pick locks brings a sense of peace and tranquility akin to meditation. Leave behind the stress of everyday life as your blood pressure lowers and your heart rate finds harmony in the rhythmic, mediative, art of lock picking.

  6. Sharpen Logic and Reasoning: Lock picking is an exceptional exercise for your brain, challenging your spatial and logical thinking skills. By embracing problems that activate different regions of your brain, you'll be honing these abilities, which are skills transferable to all aspects of your life.

Why not embark on a lock picking adventure and experience the remarkable benefits for yourself? Unleash the power of your mind, elevate your cognitive prowess, and forge a future filled with unlimited potential. Start your lock picking journey now!


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