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Onlynne Lockye Pykin Shoppe

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello Lock Pickers - what a week it's been Here at Bump Towers! With the FREE Wave Rake XS promotion, Which, if you didn't see it said spend over £30 and you got a FREE set of our new 20pc one ended Wave Rakes? Pretty cool. Now of course they've got two ends but that's lock picking for 'having a pick at one end only'. Same patterns as the 10 piece double-ended versions, but a great alternative if you fancy it. The Wave Rakes XS are £19 after VAT so the give-away was mad busy and we woke up to see a zillion orders. Minutes after the newsletter went out we could see the orders coming in, one after the other after the other after the other. As I said in one of last weeks blogs, 'people like free things' and we gave away nearly 100 of the free pick sets in the first few hours.

Of course it's not entirely a simple act of generosity from me. You're not stupid, I have an agenda. I want you to get a free set of lock picks because I want you to trust us, to appreciate us, and to feel confident when dealing with us. Giving away a couple of hundred sets of brand new lock picks that aren't even on the general market yet, cost me money - obviously. When I put them in the shop they will sell like hot cakes, lock pickers like new lock picks, lock smiths like new tools that might assist them in their job, the new lock picker might see a video of them at work and think 'I can do that, I can pick locks, no way!'. We always have the new tools, innovative, interesting and ultra-discounted by matter of course.

But everyone wins, you get the free lock picks, I get a bit more trust and the business gets a bit more respect. If you're reading this I'm guessing you've either done some trade with us, or are thinking of doing some. Either way I hope you find our service friendly and understanding, and our prices super competitive, we've been known for it for 10 years and we continue to keep prices at the best possible. I give away free lock picks! How nice is that?

We aim to be the worlds nicest Lock Picking Shop there is. We want to sell lock picks efficiently and problem free, online but maintaining a bit of humanity. Most of you - if you have bought from us over the years - might well have already had a few communications with me. I answer emails as quickly as possible, answering lock picking questions as best I can, or directing you to someone who might be able to help should my knowledge fail me, as it often does! I have a laugh with a lot of people and have been emailing some of you now for years, good relationships have built up, friendships have been made and connections established over the years continue to develop, to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

So as we head towards the Christmas period, we've a few new surprises in the pipeline, there's usually a few at various stages, from negotiation to availability in the shop. Weirdly perhaps we do have a Christmas rush, it seems Lock Picks are a cool gift, we sell a hell of a lot more in late November and early December - I guess, putting myself as a 17 year old and getting either a pair of socks or a set of lock picks, I know what I'd be happier with.

Until Next Time.

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