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FAQs - Thousands of Happy Customers, Fast Delivery, Secure Payment

Q: Who are you guys and why do I need your amazing lock picks?

Glad you asked! We've been trading for over 10 years online, and as you can tell on our website we have many, many happy independent customer reviews for all of our products. We are non-destructive entry specialists - so we can provide you with tutorials, videos, guidebooks and in fact, everything you need for the lock picking, access process. 

If you're a hobbyist, or professional - we're perfect for you. Trustworthy, secure payments, thousands of happy customers, a long trading history, fast shipping, great service, tested products... the list is endless. We have thousands of happy professionals from the police force, emergency services, locksmiths, the AA, car repair, schools ... do you have something with a lock on it? Then you need us.

Q: What payment methods / currency do you take?

We have list of payments that we take at the bottom of our website. Paypal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bitcoin - we accept them all securely. We are proud to be PCI Compliant, and your payment details are securely stored though SSL via mobile or web payment. We don't access any of your details - our payment processors handle everything via safe and encrypted channels.

For UK Customers, we take payment in GBP (£ Pounds Sterling). Otherwise, we will display your local currency, and payment at the very end will be converted at the current rate of exchange by your bank - your statement will show your payment in your local, normal currency. Simple. Any questions, just ask.

Q: How long does it take before I receive my order?

In the UK, we offer Free Standard Delivery and a number of convenient tracked upgrades. We use Royal Mail - upgraded delivery is 1 day after dispatch, standard delivery normally takes between 4 - 8 working days. The majority of our upgraded packages are delivered next working day if you order before 4pm GMT.

For Europe, delivery of your order should take about 4 - 8 working days in the majority of cases. NOTE: These numbers provide an average but you might have to wait longer. We think it's only fair that we warn you of this.

For USA, delivery of your order should take about 5 - 9 working days. NOTE: These numbers provide an average but you might have to wait longer. We think it's only fair that we warn you of this.

For the Rest of the World, your order normally reaches you within 8 working days, but can take up to 2 weeks depending on where you live. 

Q: I ordered X days ago! Where is my order?

First, see above for details of usual delivery times - don't panic. If you're still waiting after that period, please get in contact with us to let us know and we'll track down your details and find out what's gone wrong for you.

Q: I am a professional - how can you help me?

We supply to retailers, locksmiths, emergency services, garages and similar professional agencies who use our products. Let us know what you need - and we'll get right on it! We can suggest a range of products that will help you maximise the services you provide or the sales you generate.

Q: I need help - I'm a beginner. 

We have a range of beginner-level products, and links to YouTube videos that help you learn! It's actually really easy to get started with practice locks and we have a range of lock pick sets just for you!

Q: [Another Site] is cheaper than you...

Let us know! We can usually price-match, but it would have to be a non-sale, large website that lists this cheaper price. Our service and post-delivery attentiveness is second to none! Rock-bottom cheapness comes at a cost in quality usually.

Q: What affiliate or drop-shipping benefits do you offer?

We offer a 10% affiliate deal to a number of blogging sites that are affiliated with our services - we have a good conversion rate, and a wide range of products. Contact us and we'll discuss. 

Q: I want to see customer testimonials

Great! We have hundreds of product reviews and separate customer testimonials on our website.