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Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set
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Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield 21pc Dual Gauge Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set detail
21pc Praxis Ionic Dual-Gauge Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set Detail
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Pro Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Pro Lock Pick Set
Dangerfield Praxis Ionic Lock Pick Set Close-Up Detail

Dangerfield 'Ionic Praxis' 21pc Dual-Gauge Professional Lock Pick Set

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Beginners Lockpick Guide included with all pick sets Lockpick Guide included with all pick sets

Dangerfield 'Ionic Praxis' 21pc Dual-Gauge Professional Lock Pick Set Our Best-Selling Lock Pick Set With a Matte Bla... more

Dangerfield 'Ionic Praxis' 21pc Dual-Gauge Professional Lock Pick Set

Our Best-Selling Lock Pick Set With a Matte Black Ion Vapor Deposition Coating

Introducing the PRAXIS IONIC, a variation of our best-selling Dual-Gauge 21 Piece Praxis Set. This unique set has been coated using black ion vapor deposition. This is a process that involves the use of ionized gas to deposit a microfine film of material onto the surface of the picks.

Essentially - we took our finest Dangerfield Lock Pick Set and upgraded it using sate of the art manufacturing technology to improve both its performance and resistance to wear and corrosion. They also look pretty damn AMAZING too!

Ion vapor deposition allows for precise control over the thickness and composition of the coating, resulting in a smooth, durable finish. We've effectively managed to provide the picking and raking benefits of 'mirror finish' lock picks (the ultra smooth, almost zero friction engagement with pins) but with an exceptionally durable matte black finish. In short, this coating will not lose it's smoothness or require constant sanding and re-smoothing. It will hold it's extraordinary smoothness for years, regardless of how many locks you pick. 

PRAXIS IONIC is a top-of-the-line choice for serious lock pickers. Whether you're a professional locksmith, locksporter, or beginner, once you get the PRAXIS IONIC in your hands, the finish is sure to exceed your expectations - and then some!

However, It's not just the coating that makes the PRAXIS IONIC picks superior, what goes on underneath the coating is special too. These picks are made from High-Yield 301 stainless steel, a type of steel alloy that is known for its high strength and ductility.

It is a variation of the 301 steel alloy used in the manufacture of most commercially available lock picks, but the "high-yield" designation means this particular alloy has been specially formulated to have a higher resistance to stress (whether that be during manufacturing, use, storage, etc.) High-Yield 301 steel can withstand far more use - and abuse - before expressing permanent deformation than standard 301 stainless steel. This makes it a more suitable choice for applications that require high strength and durability, such as lock picks, especially in a 0.015" gauge.

The original Praxis lock pick set was developed with the input of beginners, world champions, experts, and professional pickers. They all tested multiple prototypes, with the final selection being decided only after many variations were tested, and a lot of feedback. This means that the selection of tools in the PRAXIS IONIC is based on the collective knowledge, skills, and abilities of multiple experienced pickers, utilizing hundreds of years of experience, and thousands of locks picked. This is how the PRAXIS IONIC and Praxis standard sets were designed, conceived, and manufactured as a premium set that is tailored to the needs of the modern lock picker.

Having a Dual-Gauge lock pick set, (which simply means all the lock picks and lock rakes come in two gauges 0.023" (0.58mm) and 0.015" (0.38mm), means the set is designed for versatility as your skills grow. As you improve, you can use the thinner gauge tools to attack tighter keyways, security pins, and other features that require a thinner gauge tool. This means that the set can grow with you and will not become obsolete as your skills improve.


As explained earlier, each of the picks and rakes come in two gauges, meaning sixteen picks in total:

  • Short Hook - Flat Tip (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • Medium Hook   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • Deforest Diamond   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • Half Diamond   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • 3 Peak B-Rake Pick   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • S-Rake   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • City Rake   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)
  • W Rake   (0.39mm + 0.58mm)

Tension Tools:

  • Dangerfield Z-Wrench
  • Long Twist Wrench
  • Short Standard Wrench
  • Top of Keyway wrench 0.030" (0.76mm)
  • Top of Keyway wrench 0.050" (1.27mm)


Do you want a LUXURY CASE for your new picks? The Dangerfield Lambskin 'PICK TIP PROTECT' is available HERE



The IONIC PRAXIS lock pick set from Dangerfield brings together the latest and most advanced lock picking technology and design. It includes the most up-to-date lock pick and lock rake patterns, both TOK  (Top of Keyway) and BOK (Bottom of Keyway) tensioners, and the latest smooth and corrosion resistant finishing technology.

The set is made from the finest steel, ensuring that it will last for years and take far more use and abuse than metal this thin should. The experience and knowledge that went into the design of this set make it a pleasure to own, use, and even show-off - and we're confident it will immediately become a standout set in the world of lock picking technology. The Dangerfield brand don't just manufacture lock picks, we revolutionize them, providing customers with more style, more success, and an unmatched overall experience.

See the Picks on these TWO VIDEO:


This is an INDEPENDENT REVIEW from YouTuber Albert Lebel

Ion Vapor Deposition

Ion Vapour Disposition Facility

If you're interested in this remarkable technology we've used in creating this premium set, here's some details...

Ion vapor deposition is a process that is used to apply a thin film of material onto a metal surface. The process typically involves several steps:

  1. Cleaning: The metal surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, oil, or other contaminants. This step is crucial in ensuring that the coating will adhere properly to the surface.

  2. Deposition: The metal surface is placed in a vacuum chamber, and a gas containing the desired coating material is introduced. The gas is ionized, and the ions are accelerated towards the metal surface, where they deposit a thin film of the coating material.

  3. Control: The thickness of the coating can be controlled by adjusting the process parameters such as the ion energy, the pressure, and the flow rate of the gas.

  4. Annealing: The coating is then heat treated to improve its properties such as adhesion, hardness and toughness.

  5. Quality control: The coating is inspected for defects and thickness.

This process creates an unfathomably smooth surface that is exceptionally durable and resistant to corrosion.

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