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Lock Tools - Broken Key Extractors

We've all broken a key in a lock at some time or another. Alternatively another type of obstruction has been inserted into the lock and is causing you problems. I mean, if there's a broken key in the lock, or some other object, there;s not much chance of opening the lock. This is where our Broken Key Extractors come in.

The problem with snapping a key in the lock is the springs. They will push the pins down into the key, preventing it from coming out. To overcome this, you need to push the pins out of the way, and drag our the obstruction. The tools in these sets do exactly that. Designed for all types of locks, wafer, pin, lever, and different sizes of locks, a desk drawer, a cabinet, a front door lock, etc, these kits will make sure you have the best possible chance of removing the obstruction without damaging the lock. 

Perfect for locksmiths working in the field and lock pickers working at their desk. Whether a customer has had one too many and snapped their key, or if you've had one too many and snapped a pick in the lock. With the average household having around 50 locks in use at any one time, having a decent set of tools in case some extraction is required makes sense, especially when the only alternative is to replace the lock.