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An Antidote to Chaos - and a HUGE 40% off.

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Clinical psychologist Jordan B Peterson has made a name for himself in the last couple of years with his frequently effective life advice. One of his most famous lines 'Clean up your room' has almost become a rallying cry, a 'meme' for a generation of internet geeks who sit at their computers, lost among empty pizza boxes, crisp packs, cola cans and beer bottles, a veritable jungle of trash and other disposable items. The bottom line is, if you can't even keep you're room tidy, how are you going to get anything done?


Prof Jordan Peterson, advice, but not as we know it.


Peterson once said in answer to a question about how to start making changes in your life: "Clean up your room, that's a good start! Organize your local landscape'. Which makes total sense. It's hard to comprehend much good coming out of a messy, chaotic, untidy - unhealthy - situation. He continues...

"You've got your damn room, you've got this space right in front of you that's a part of the cosmos that you can get to grips with. And you might think, well, what's there in front of you, right in front of you? And the answer to that is: It depends how open your eyes are! Aldous Huxley and William Blake both said much the same thing, in a transcendental state, you can see infinity in the can say, you can see infinity in what you have within your grasp. If you look! And so, maybe that's the case, with your room."


The owner of this computer is not changing the world. I'd be surprised if he's changing his underwear.


So let's come back from the lofty metaphysical heights of 'infinity' and changing the world, it makes me giddy, anyway. Let's get back to what we do around here, picking locks. But the message is the same. The lock pickers I know who are great - pickers who are methodical, ordered, dedicated, (most importantly) successful - they all have one thing in common: They are tidy, they are neat. Their picks are in order. Because whether you're changing the world or picking a lock, you're going to have a lot more success if you're stepping off from a space you've already got control over. A messy, untidy, chaotic work-space reflects a messy, untidy and chaotic mind. And that's not the sort of mind that we need to pick locks. Show mastery over your environment, 'Organize your local landscape' says Prof Peterson, and from there you might begin to organize your success as a lock picker, from an ordered and understood workspace you might just develop an ordered and understood lock picking practice.


This is giving me a headache. This is not me. I need a drink.


I think I've made my point now. A bit of order, a tidy work-space and tool selection, is going to benefit you. It's going to improve your technique and do justice to your abilities as a lock picker. All that clutter in your physical realm will be reflected in your mental realm, and no one needs a messy mind when you're dealing with the small details and delicate manoeuvres required to successfully pick locks, investigate techniques, invent products, or even make lock picks. So spend a bit of time to get this stuff in order. Clean up your room!


Is this a selection of lock picks, or a torture chamber?

It's not just a question of having an antidote to chaos. It's not just about a sense of calm and order to give mental space to your lock picking skills. There's also the issue of looking after your lock picks. We all know lock picks do not come cheap. You have worked hard to earn money, and you have exchanged that money for picks. Looking after your picks will also protect them, stop them getting bent, twisted, even from snapping. And believe me it happens very easily. I remember breaking my favourite deforest reach pick a couple of years ago - and I know 'favourite' sounds odd, but we do get attached to certain picks, we know how they work, we know the feedback they provide, they way they engage with pins, etc. It can take years to know a pick this well, and it only takes a couple of seconds, digging around in a box to find it to....snap! And it's gone. This is a major sacrifice and is actually having a negative affect on your ability to improve as a lock picker.

In summary...

 Don't have your precious and valuable lock picks rattling around in a bag. Don't have them rattling around in a box. There's plenty of good value cases of many types available to house your picks and not only will this give you a sense of order, control, and space that will definitely manifest itself in your skills and ability to pick locks successfully, but it will also make your picks last longer, it will protect and look after them, and it will generally reflect a quality of character that will be part of a positive influence in your life, which is something we all need, and something we all deserve.


To get you started I've decided to offer our superb Wrap-up case with a HUGE 40% off. That's right FORTY PERCENT OFF! It will look after and protect 17 of your favourite lock picks, of different shapes and sizes. You simply slide your picks into the slots, fold over the flap, roll it up and tie it up. In about 5 minutes you can start your very necessary journey of cleaning up your lock picks!

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Best Wishes

Chris Dangerfield

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