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FREE H&H Jacknife Pocket Lock Pick Set

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello - Get on this QUICK - we have limited stock since it's FREE!

It's one of those deals where you get to treat yourself, and we'll treat you even more.

All the most popular picks and a tension wrench that clips discreetly into the back of the unit, this best-selling covert lock picking device will make sure you're prepared to use your immense skills at any time.

Spend over £50 and we'll give you this super-shiny, slick as you like, Professional H&H Jacknife Pocket Lock Pick Set, absolutely FREE!

This exquisitely machined set of picks has become a favourite of lock pickers the world over. Feels great in the hand and is a pleasure to own and use. 

Add £50 worth of items to your cart and we'll give you this free! You'll be prompted with "TODAY'S OFFERS" which you accept! That's all you need to do, we'll take care of the rest.

How many times have you been in a situation where you would have loved to have a set of picks at hand? The H&H Jacknife even has a hole for you to attach it to your keychain, meaning you'll always be prepared to show-off you mind-blowing skills.

Superior lock picking craftsmanship that folds up into a discreet and incredibly satisfying unit. Makes a wonderful gift and provides and provides an exceptionally interesting talking point - as well as giving you the skills to pick locks, whenever necessary.

Complete your collection with this delightful and intriguingly covert set of professional lock picking tools.

Happy Picking!

Chris Dangerfield.

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