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Gun Safe Gum Wrapper Bypass!

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello people.

Many of you will remember the blog article published here about the Kaba Simplex, the $300 lock that could be opened by a magnet and got the company in deep legal water involving many a court appearance. 

A simple enough trick, simply run a rare earth magnet down the side of the housing and the magnetic parts of the mechanism (yep, it was that stupid of the manufacturers) simply slipped into place and the lock was open.

Well, just when you think these people can't be any more stupid when designing their locks, another one has come to my notice. This time a gun safe! I mean, why would you need that secure? And this bypass is even easier - it uses the foil wrapper from a stick of chewing gum.

This is all that's between you and someones guns. Ouch!

Again this gun safe (GUN SAFE! I don't want to hear about GUN NOT SAFE) is over $300 - and yet, can be bypassed by any idiot with a stick of gum.

Rather that explain it to you, here's the video I found. Check out how easy this is.


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