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RAKING - The Quick and Easy Way to Pick Locks

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

I make no secret how much I love Raking. We're the only Lock Picking shop that has an entire section dedicated to just rakes, which you can see HERE.  I love Raking because it's a quick and easy way to pick locks – who couldn’t love that? Perhaps it also has something to do with my job, because although I deal with professionals - Police, Fire-Brigade, Ministry of Defense, locksmiths, etc - I also deal with many newcomers, people who have never picked a lock. And that's when raking comes into its own, because although Single Pin Picking (SPP) is the best technique (I mean, master SPP and you'll have access to around 90% of the world's pin-cylinders!) it also takes a bit of time to learn, and some people don't have the time or the patience at the start, especially if they’re getting frustrated! Raking on the other hand - you can pick your first lock in a matter of minutes, and opening locks quickly is great for morale! Whereas too much frustration early on, might put you off for life!



The patterns of our Wave Rakes.

In fact, many people have already raked a lock by accident! I think Bosnian Bill coined the phrase 'Bitch Picking' - where you insert your wrench, fiddle around a bit with a pick, and the lock opens! Call it Bitch Picking if you like, but it's actually basic raking, you’re picking locks and it feels good. 



But don't think raking is just Bitch Picking. There's a whole variety of raking techniques, and a whole variety of rakes. And the beauty is: THERE'S NO RULES. You put in the wrench, apply tension, and then use your rake to open the lock. Are you going to rip the pick back across all the pins? Are you going to rake it in and out rapidly? Are you going to tilt the rake, or rock it? In? Out? Left? Right? Tilt? Rock? Slow? Fast? Higher in the lock? Lower in the lock? A bit of all of the above? The beauty of raking is that the right technique is whatever works. Different rakes lend themselves to different techniques, and it’s up to you to work out what technique will open the lock in front of you. Have a look on our Raking product pages at the videos, you’ll get the idea.



My favourite - Wriggler Rakes opening a lock.

Raking will work quickly and easily, certainly quicker and easier than most SPP attempts. The rub is, it won't open as many locks as SPP. In short, when raking works, it works quickly. When it doesn't work, it's time to move on to a different technique. Personally, I will always rake a lock first. After a few minutes, if it hasn't opened the lock, I will move on. Sometimes I will use a bit of both. I will rake the lock and set a few pins, maintain tension, then SPP the remaining pins.



So if you're a lock picker and you haven't fully explored the amazing world of raking, I suggest you do, have a look, it’s good for morale, and hey, no one wants to be a Bitch..........picker.



Our new, and incredible Octo Rake.

Now the best bit – we have a load of AMAZING NEW RAKES. On top of our usual range of rakes, we’ve added some of the most successful and simple to use rakes I have ever seen. I have linked you to a few below, and if you’re quick, you’ll get them at our CURRENT SALE prices. We can’t keep them this low forever though, so maybe have a look – quick, no one’s looking, treat yourself.....



Octo Rake



Worm Rake




And here'a a few of my personal favourite rakes....

Wriggler Rakes

Wave Rakes




Kwick Pick

Take care and happy picking!

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