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Face Masks

This is our collection of PPE face masks. To improve your resistance to viruses during winter, preventing splashes to your face, and to improve the air you breathe - this is where you need to be to choose an appropriate mask for your particular circumstances.

The Surgical / Medical disposable mask: 

  1. They have an outer hydrophobic layer that rejects and repels liquids and moisture
  2. They are ‘melt-blown’ and not made out of standard fabric, so the microscopic ‘holes’ in the material will not let particles through above a certain miniscule size.
  3. They are designed to be one-use, disposable and comfortable to wear
  4. There are a variety of levels of effectiveness, and this rating determines where in healthcare they can be used.


The N95 / KN95 PPE Face Mask:

These are the usual better filtering masks, and like ours, the good ones are CE registered - so at least you know they have gone through stringent testing. They usually contain higher number of filtering layers and meltblown fabric; these are normally used in situations where higher amounts of airborne particles above a certain size are prevalent, and a greater level of protection compared to the surgical masks is sought.