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Lock Picking

I dreamed about lock picks as a child. Having picked my parents telephone lock with a set of nail clippers I was hooked. Now, decades later my dream has come true, welcome to the largest, most innovative, most knowledgeable, and most friendly lock picking shop in thew world.

Here you'll find lock picking tools and lock pick sets of all kinds. If you're looking to learn or improve your picking skills UK Bump Keys has the tools, books and practice aids, and technical customer service to help you improve your lock knowledge and lock picking ability.

We have excellent starter lock picking sets hat contains all you need to start picking locks like a pro. Whatever your level, there's something here for you.

We have a phenomenal selection of Rakes, that are quick and simple to use for both cars and door locks. We have Skeleton Keys of various types that work on a wide number of eurolocks, padlocks and many more pin cylinder locks. We have car lock picks, tubular lock picks, cross picks, files, shims, bypass tools, you name it - if it's lock pick related - it's here!

All of our lock picking kit is manufactured to the highest standard and have passed all our quality checks. You are limited only by your imagination, which is no limit at all.