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Our very own brand of high performance lock picks. Having been in the game myself for decades I know my way around a lock pick set. I know what works, what people want, what they don't want and what's at the cutting edge of lock pick design and manufacture.

Dangerfield lock picks go through extensive refinement before reaching the shelves. We draw on the wealth of professional contacts and friends we have made over the years, from world champion lock pickers to YouTube reviewers. There's even a couple of special forces black ops and government pickers in there.

We run all our designs past this team of experts several times, making sure everything is as good as it could be, knowing that the level of quality that's expected of us, we set the bar high, and then transcend that bar.

Lock picking is a passion of the combined drama of kinetics and problem solving. We go deep into the brain to produce items of superior performance and quality, whilst remembering to also go deep into the heart to produce items of exquisite tactile competence and functional excellence.