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How to Lock Pick / Bump Locks: Easy Video Tutorials


We have curated over 80+ videos of people picking locks with our tools. With over 150 lock picking tools it's a great place to see how they work, what type of locks you can use them on and learn skills to open the many types of lock in use today. 

Tag us in your videos with @ukbumpkeys #lockpicking and we might feature yours!


4pc Pry-Bar Tension Tools

Pry Bar wrenches 4pc Pry Bar tension tools

King & Queen Rakes

King & Queen Rakes King & Queen Flat Rakes

Thunder Rakes & 7 Pin Dimple Practice Lock

King & Queen Rakes Thunder Rakes & 7 Pin Dimple Practice Lock

Master Padlock Bypass Tool

Master Padlock Bypass Tool Using the Master Padlock Bypass Tool

Wave Rakes XS

20pc Wave Rake XS Raking Locks with Wave Rakes XS
20pc Wave Rakes XS Raking with 20pc Wave Rakes XS from UK Bump Keys
20pc Wave Rakes XS Drag Raking with 20pc Wave Rakes XS from UK Bump Keys

VAG HU66 Double x 2

HU66 VW,Audi Lock Picking tool This video demonstrates the New HU66 Lock Picks picking a lock quickly and with ease. VAG HU66 Double Lock Picks.

Gold Finger Through Car Tool

Gold Finger Through Car Tool Gold Finger Through Car Tool. Universal car entry tool find it here in our shop.

10pc Honest Wave Rake set

10pc Honest Wave Rakes Raking lock with the 10pc Honest Wave Rake set from UK Bump Keys. Wave Rake Lock Picks
10pc Honest Wave Rakes Raking lock with the 10pc Honest Wave Rake set from UK Bump Keys

South-Ord Pagoda Lock Picking and Rake Set

Picking a Euro Lock.

H+H Jacknife Pick Set

Watch this demo of this fine 7pc Jacknife lock pick as it easily rakes open a lock.

Rake Keys

The technique is simple, insert the key and rake the lock, using the self same key as the tension tool. A few back and forward strokes combined with the slight turning pressure will often show very quick results. They are available in two types: 5 peak and 3 peak. Each set comes in both standard universal and reversed universal, three of each in different depths.
See rake keys in action in this great video.
Another video demostrating the ease at which the new rake keys can open locks.
5 Peak Rake Keys on a merchant cylinder lock
5 Peak Rake Keys on Eurospec Lock
3 Peak Rake Keys on Era Cylinder Lock

KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun

A very versatile electric lock pick gun.

H & M Garrison Lock Pick

A brilliant video by our man in Israel demonstrating this fantastic pick.

Classic Inner Groove Pick

Here's a video of the CLASSIC inner groove pick in action.

Plug Pullers

Watch the video to see how this amazing design works efficiently and with no hassle associated with other plug-pullers. In this video an Israeli Mul-T-Lock is used.

Interactive 3pc Bump Key Set

See this fantastic set of bump keys bump a High security Mul-t-Lock door lock

Wafer Lock Rakes

The Wafer Lock Rakes in Action

Super Mica Latch Shims

See how easy this classic Lock Smith trick is to open doors.

Dino Li-Ion Lock Pick Gun

Video: This Electric LOCK PICKING gun is considered by many the best in its class. With its revolutionary 'No battery memory' and amazingly successful lock picking action, of this product has quickly established itself as a 'must have' tool amongst professional locksmiths and enthusiasts alike.

Dial Round Tension Tool

Watch this video demonstrating our 'Dial' ROUND tension tool.

Wriggler High Tech Rakes

A great addition to any lock picking tool kit. A barrel and padlock picked with ease.
Bogotas lock Pick Rakes in action
These rakes will fit in most locks, from front door locks, to padlocks, lockers, postboxes etc. They are so thin as a pick that there's very few locks you can't get them into.

Feather Touch Tension Tool

Two of my favourite lock picking tools that will immediately add to your ability to open many locks without the correct keys. High Tech Wriggler Rakes, & The Feather Touch Tension Tool

Ultra-Pro Impressioning Kit

Using the tools supplied in our kit its surprisingly easy to create a key for almost any pin tumblar lock. One of our members Rafael demostrates this and the satisfaction gained from such technique.
IMPRESSIONING by Oliver Diederichsen

Snake Keys

Another great product manufactured for UKBK.
Rake and Snake Keys on various Locks
Snake keys in action opening an unbranded Lock in seconds.
Shows the ease that snake keys can open a Yale cylinder lock

Dangerfield Curtain Lock Pick Set

An excellent tutorial demonstrating the pick sets use on a 5 lever curtain mortice lock.


More Bumping using Springs
Like most lockpicking, Bumping is made more efficient with the right tools. Here the Brockhage 2 piece is demonstrated. Subtle changes make all the difference.
This Chubb Locks bumps with ease.
Another Chubb lock being bumped with ease.

KLOM Key Cutter

Using the KLOM Key Cutter.

VAG Jiggler Keys

This video demonstrates the ease and speed at which these jigglers can work.

Mul-T-Lock Interactive 5 pin pick

A great demostration of the picking abilities of this classic lock pick.

SouthOrd Tubular Picks

UK Bump Keys had these made by SouthOrd and they really are superb.
this video shows the SouthOrd 7 pin pick working on one of our clear tubular locks.
Here's the Brockhage Feather Touch tension tool used on a Garrison Mul-T-Lock
Excellent Demo video on the benefits and use of the feather touch tension tool.

Brockhage Car Tension Tool

This Car Tension Tool is a top quality tool from Brockhage. Often favoured over the ones that come with the inner groove picks.

Slim Jim Car Entry Tool

Slim Jims are a classic an deffective way of gaining access into many cars by sliding down the door and directly manipulating the mechanism.

Car Lock Jigglers

If the Jigglers fit, other locks can also be opened using this method.

Key Extractor Kit

Broken keys and even picks for that matter can be a real problem. This kit includes many tools for various such eventualities.

Warded Pick Set

Locks using Wards are common, especially in padlocks. This set of tools makes them easy to open.

Dedicated Dimple Picks

This set of picks is specially designed for picking dimple locks and has many unique features making it ideal for the job
This video shows a Mul T Lock being picked.
More Mul T Lock picking with the Dedicated dimple picks - including the dimple rake.
A small set of picks tucked away discreetly into a credit card sized holder.

Ford Tibbie Pick

Ford Tibbie locks are very popular and with this pick very easy to enter without the key.
UK Bump Keys sells a range of Clear Practice locks that let you see the pins and springs moving. An excellent training aid for picking.

Inner Groove Picks

Another demo of this amazing pick.
This time on a car. You can see why working locksmiths love Inner Groove Picks.

Manual Pick Guns

The Brockhage Manual Pick Gun is famous the world over for quality and ability. A lifetime warranty comes as standard.

Dimple Bump Keys

Bumping a 7 pin Mul T Lock Garrison dimple lock.
Bumping a ISEO R6 dimple lock
A superb video by Keymuncher demostrating the use of Mul-T-Lock Pin in Pin bump key.

SouthOrd Pick Sets

Our 3 different size sets of SouthOrd Picks are all European slimline, smaller than US locks.
These sets will allow you access to various types of locks and various techniques.

Comb Picks

Comb Picks are a padlock specific tool which makes opening a wide range of padlocks very simple indeed.
Our Comb Picks come in a a variety of types, all different for different padlock pinning.

Dedicated Mul T Lock Garrison Pick

The Dedicated Mul T Lock Garrison Pick is an ingenious tool designed to assist you by providing a guide outside of the lock on the tool.

Blind Touch Car Picks

Blind Touch picks have gained an excellent reputation. Our experience and forum feedback has led us to favour these thumbturn versions.

SouthOrd Jacknife Pocket Pick

The SouthOrd Jacknife Pocket Pick is an amazingly handy and tough tool.

Padlock Shims

Padlock Shims exploit the gap between hull and shackle found on many padlocks. Not all padlcoks will require both sides as in this video.
More Padlock Shimming
Here the technique is shown on a very popular padlock.
Shows how easy it is to open cheap generic padlocks using these simple tools.

Lever Padlock Pick

Opening a Chubb Battleship 5 Lever Padlock
Opening other padlocks with the Dangerfield Lever Padlock Pick

GOSO 23pc Multi Pick set

Raking a Mul-T-Lock Garrison with the 23pc GOSO set.
This video demonstrates both Jigglers and the 23pc set in opening a car door with ease.

VAG HU66 Double Inner Groove Lock Pick

HU66 VW,Audi Lock Picking tool This video demonstrates the New HU66 Lock Picks picking a lock quickly and with ease.

12pc Lock disassembly tool set

12pc Lock disassembly tool set Using the Lock Disassembly Tool Set

Tibbie Make Up Key

Ford Tibbie Make-Up Key Make Up Key