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Bumping - Bumping Accessories

I am frequently asked what is required for bumping a lock. And the answer is always the same "a lock, and the right tools". But what are the right tools? Well, you need the bump key for a start, but after that there;s a few accessories that make the technique easier. A bump hammer for a start...

A bump hammer is a tool that allows you to strike the bump key to make it work. People have tried many other things, mobile phones (broken) your fingers (ouch) a normal hammer (snapped key) and more. There is nothing quite like an actual made for purpose bump hammer!

But then there's also Dampeners and Springs. UK Bump Keys changed the global face of bumping locks. We were the first to remove the shoulder from the key, meaning you can use Dampeners and Springs. We invented those techniques and now they're used the world over. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to see someone bumping a lock without a dampeners or a spring. Why? Because not only do they make the technique MUCH easier, they also mean you can just keep striking the key, waiting foe the perfect bump, instead of having to pull the key out, and reset it each time. If you want to bump locks, I sterongly advise you to get the right tools!