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Locksmith Training

UK Bump Keys Ltd can offer you intensive training for a wide range of Non Destructive Entry (NDE) techniques used in the locksmithing profession. We’ve already successfully trained many individuals, businesses and other groups who for various reasons decided to learn locksmithing skills. Our friendly and understanding tutors will provide you with the information, knowledge and skills required (beginners and advanced) in a relaxed atmosphere with all the tools, reference materials, and locks provided. All you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to learn.


The training centre has various locks built into doors, UPVC doors and locks in porch situations too, so as to provide you with a realistic environment in which to hone your skills, as well as a variety of tools and techniques with which to approach each lock and situation. Such an emphasis on ‘actual setting’ rather than purely bench-work prepares the student for real locksmithing which brings with it a whole host of other issues beside’s the actual ‘lock work’.

Our classes are hands-on, which means you won’t be stuck watching demonstrations and taking notes, you’ll be actively engaged with locks and opening techniques in small groups of around 5 people per tutor. You’ll be free to continually question the process as you go, dealing with problems as they arise, with the lock and tools in hand, and the experience and knowledge readily available through our tutors. Training like this allows you to learn at your pace, focussing on the details YOU feel necessary to advance your abilities.

Once you have completed the course, we offer ongoing support and you can either telephone or email any of our tutors should you have any questions regarding anything you have learnt or anything lock related you feel we may be able to help you with. This service in invaluable to your continued development as a locksmith and we are happy that many of our previous students keep in close contact with us, often becoming good friends and continuing to recommend us.



Our tutors and advisors have over 50 years in the locksmithing business and have created various courses specializing in different areas. Should there be anything in our course you already feel confident with, just tell us and we can use that time to assist you with something else. Since the groups are so small we are very flexible and can accommodate individual preferences with ease.


UK Bump Keys has established itself as one of the main UK sources of both NDE tools and information on the internet. Our friendly and honest approach with our customers has been reflected in our growth, stability and reputation. This, combined with great customer service and a commitment to quality has always been our objective and this has continued into our locksmith training courses.


Should you wish to book yourself on a course, choose from the options below, make a £10 (refundable) deposit and we will contact you within 3 days to arrange a time and schedule that is good for you. If you have any questions, please send them to


Available courses:


requently Asked Questions:
Q - Many courses last for a couple of weeks. Can you really teach me what I need to know in a couple of days?
A – Yes. Since we restrict the numbers of students per tutor our courses are intensive, focussed and efficient. A practical mixture of theory and practice means we can ensure you get the most from your time. The day is largely spent working on locks with the guidance of expert help. The proof will be in your hands!
Q – I’d imagine there’s a lot to remember from such an intensive course?
A – Yes. But again, the size of the groups and the practical experience will help you retain the information. Also, course notes and a demonstration DVD are provided, as well as email and telephone contact for ongoing support, should you need it.
Q – Will I become a qualified locksmith after these courses?
A – No. There is no UK recognised qualification to be a locksmith. Anyone can say they are a locksmith. What you will get is experience and invaluable knowledge and skills required in the profession. You will get a certificate proving you completed the course.
Q – Where and when are the courses held?
A – UK wide. London, Manchester, Liverpool, England, Scotland, Birmingham. You will be offered various dates so we can discuss the most convenient ones to fit your schedule.
Q – Who is the course open to?
A – Anyone who wishes to learn locksmithing skills. For instance, obviously people wishing to become locksmiths, but also landlords, estate agents, police departments, various tradesmen and hobbyists all use our services, and the list grows daily.