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Car Entry - Car Lock Picks

The question 'How to pick a car lock' assumes each car has the same lock! Unfortunately for us, that's not true. There's almost as many locks as there is types of car. However, there are many excellent lock picking solutions to this problem.

Picking locks on vehicles offers the locksmith and lock picker an interesting challenge. With so many vehicles and so many locks a wide range of tools is available to ensure you have the necessary skills to get the job done. Some picks for cars will work on a variety of models, and a variety of locks. Some don't go via the lock at all and use bypass methods to gain entry.

So when browsing our car lock picks, be sure to see if the pick is dedicated to one type of car lock, or a variety. See if it's to be used on a particular type of lock that many cars have fitted. Alternatively you might wish to avoid the lock altogether and work out how to bypass it with an airbag and something like the best-selling Goldfinger.

Have a look at our range of tools and decide what solution you require for the problem in hand. If you have any questions, please let me know at, we're always happy to help.