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Lock Tools - Lock Picking Vices

All day long I receive questions like 'How do I pick a lock?', 'How do I pick a combination lock?', 'How do I make a bump key?', 'How do I pick a padlock' etc etc - which as you can imagine are very broad questions. However, there;s an answer to most of these - and it;s simple: Make sure you have the right tools! And I can't think of one of the most over looked and yet almost essential tools as a decent vice. This vice has been designed for picking pin cylinder locks - and it's awesome! Traditional rubber grip vices tend to slowly 'spit out' the lock you're picking, which can be very frustrating. Steel jaws can damage, and also have the same problem. This vice DESIGNED BY LOCK PICKERS for lock pickers is perfect. I strongly suggest, if you're serious about learning how to pick locks, and get involved in this amazing art, get a decent vice!