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Practice Aids - Training Locks

Need some quality locks to pick? What better way to see what you're doing! Training locks provide the practise you need!

Our clear locks allow you to visualise what happens when a key - both the wrong and the right one is put in the lock. You can also see what happens when you're putting picks in the lock, how to find the binding pin, how to set them, a false setting etc etc. They are not essential, for sure, but 100% you will learn FASTER with a Clear Practice Lock.

We also have a variety of easier locks to learn with, rather than picking up a second hand lock, and risking - by chance or bad luck - it being one of the hardest locks in the world to pick. 

There's also a clear and a cut-away dimple lock. So if you want to learn how to pick a dimple lock, this could be just the thing to get you going, and step up to the world of dimple lock picking. Don't be put off by these strange locks - they are just pin cylinder locks with the key turned 90 degrees!

The main benefit of clear and cut-away locks is they give you the ability to learn and understand what's going on inside a lock, regardless of whether you're picking, raking, using a key, whatever! And this knowledge will prove itself of immeasurable value later picking 'real' locks as you can visualize what's happening in the lock through your extensive training with clear and cut-away locks.