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Dimple Lock Pick Set Detail
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Dimple Lock Pick Set Detail
Dimple lock pick set wrap-up case
Dimple lock pick set with case
Dimple lock pick set with case and picks
twelve piece dimple lock pick set in wrap-up case
Dimple lock picks - ten picks, 2 wrenches
Flag-type dimple picks detail
Flag-type dimple picks with case and tension tools

Professional Flag-Type Dimple Lock Pick Set + Wrap-Up Case

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Beginners Lockpick Guide included with all pick sets Lockpick Guide included with all pick sets

Professional Flag-Type Dimple Lock Pick Set + Wrap-Up Case Quality Lock Pick Set for Single Pin Picking of Dimple Loc... more

Professional Flag-Type Dimple Lock Pick Set + Wrap-Up Case

Quality Lock Pick Set for Single Pin Picking of Dimple Locks

Dimple locks have firmly established themselves as a security device within the domestic and commercial sectors. Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly, there’s a sense that dimple locks provide an added level of security. Either way, to pick them you’re going to have to learn not only new techniques, but get new tools too.

That’s not to say you can’t pick some dimple locks with standard picks, you can – but why make a difficult job harder? And the higher quality dimple locks (which usually means higher security) you’re going to have a real problem if you don’t have the right tools.

Dimple locks are essentially a type of pin-cylinder lock, but the keyway (and therefore key) has been turned ninety degrees, so rather than the cuts being across the thin top of the key blade, Dimple Locks have the cuts, or ‘dimples’ cut into the flat part of the blade.

Mul-T-Lock Intergrator Dimple Key cut at a variety of depths

YALE Dimple Key showing two large dimples and many smaller ones


While Dimple Locks are basically just a glorified pin-cylinder, they are generally made with higher tolerances, meaning picking and setting the pins is far less forgiving. With less difference between each of the depths, the lock picker has to adjust their technique and methodology to ensure a confident and successful pick.

The warding (the shape of the keyway that continues throughout the lock) is also usually far less pronounced. This is of importance as people single pin picking a standard pin-cylinder will often make use of the warding to provide leverage for the pick. This is not available with Dimple locks, so a different approach – and different tools – are required

KALE Dimple Lock Keys

Computer generated image of a cut-away Kale Dimple lock


The question then is – How do you pick dimple locks? Let’s summarize the new problems dimple locks provide:

  • A tendency for higher tolerances
  • Less difference in depths of dimples pins
  • Lack of adequate warding for pick leverage 
  • Smaller area to insert standard picks

Thankfully, lock pickers are cunning creatures, and over time have worked out how to get around these new security features, or at least how to offer a solution that allows us to pick these locks using techniques and knowledge we already have but in a different micro environment.

The solution is flag-type picking tips and round lock pick handles. This allows the lock picker to insert the pick flat, and rotate the round handle under the dimple in a ‘tilting’ motion to raise the flag-type picking tip and lift the pin stack.

In this set of ten dimple lock picks and two tension tools, you’ll have all the tools you need to learn the necessary technique to make picking dimple locks much like picking standard pin-cylinders. Everything else is the same, the binding pin principle, applying tension, setting pins – and since the tools are designed exactly for the job in hand, you’ll just have to learn how to tilt and turn the picks, which couldn’t be easier.

With the amount of dimple locks out there, a decent set of dimple lock picks is essential for the professional locksmith. And for the sport picker, having the ability to pick these locks with the right tools for the job is an absolute pleasure, and opens up a whole new world of successful openings.

There are more expensive dimple lock pick sets and there’s cheaper dimple lock pick sets, but for someone who isn’t a dimple specialist, but wants a quality set of dimple lock picks, you won’t go wrong with this well made and designed, durable, set of dimple picks.

Here’s TWO independent VIDEO REVIEWS of this set….HOWEVER…ours comes in a tough and durable, wrap-up case (see photos) and TWO tension tools. 

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