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Multipick 7 Piece TOK wrenches (+DISCOUNTS)

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Multipick 7 Piece TOK wrenches (+DISCOUNTS)

Hello Lock Pickers.... THE TRUTH: Top of Keyway wrenches  (AKA 'pry-bars') have become the DEFAULT method of tensioning. It's what the Pros are doing. Now we've established that, let's go.....   OH MY GOSH - it's happened. When one of the best lock picking manufacturers ever - Multipick - get busy with one of the best innovations in modern lock picking - top of keyway wrenching - you know the result is pure lock picking bliss.   Multipick 7 piece TOK wrench set - a wide variety of different shaped and gauged top of keyway wrenches. The cream of the cream. Discount code...

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