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How To Pick Locks - Our BEST Lock Picking BLOGS/VIDEOS for Beginners


Bump Keys, Pick Guns, Lock Pick Set, Bypass Tools, Skeleton Keys, and more!

For Beginners Who Want To Learn How to Pick Locks

Lock picking isn't just for spies or dubious characters; it's an exciting hobby for anyone who loves puzzles, challenging themselves, or want to train their brain for mental fitness! Locksport enthusiasts enjoy skill development it offers as well as the community it often provides. This blog is your go-to resource, providing beginner-friendly tools and guidance to help you start your lock picking journey. These are the 'must knows' for any complete noob!

a padlock


The Absolute Beginner's Guide: How to Pick Locks

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Learning How to Pick Locks: Looking to learn the art of lock picking? Our comprehensive beginner's guide provides step-by-step instructions and essential tips for picking locks as an absolute novice. This is the perfect first step on your road to learning how to pick locks. Learn NOW!

The Absolute Beginners Guide: How To Pick Locks


Yale Lishi Style Lock Picks for Eurolocks and Rim Cylinders - The Story

In this blog, we explore the evolution of Lishi automotive lock picks, starting with the first model and culminating in the latest Yale Lishi-style pick. Discover how these tools have changed and improved over the years, making lock picking faster and easier for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. 

Lishi Auto Lock Picks


Spectacles of Security - Lock Sport Competitions in the Nineteenth Century.

At the Great Exhibition of 1851, lock picking became a competitive sport as expert pickers from around the world gathered to showcase their skills. The event, which was held in London, England, featured demonstrations of the latest lock picking techniques and tools, drawing huge crowds and sparking interest in the field. Lock Sport is nothing new!

Victorian Competitive Lock Picking


Raking Locks : Advanced Possibilities

Raking is a popular technique in lock picking that involves quickly moving a pick back and forth inside the lock to manipulate the pins. In this blog, we delve into the world of raking.

Advanced Lock Raking and Rakes


How To Pick Locks - The First Five Steps for Beginners 

Are you interested in learning how to pick locks? Look no further! In this blog, we outline the first 5 steps for anyone wanting to get started in the world of lock picking. From choosing the right picks and training aids to tips and tricks of the trade, we've got you covered. Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to becoming a lock picking pro in no time.

Beginners Lock Picking Tools


Interview with a Locksmith (Courses, fees, earnings)

In this blog, we interview a locksmith to get their insights on the trade. Find out how to learn locksmithing and lock picking, the best training resources, what tools and equipment to buy, and more. We also cover the earning potential and costs associated with becoming a locksmith. Get the inside scoop from a pro in the field.

Interview With A Locksmith


How To Pick Locks: Identifying + Picking Spool Pins (VIDEO)

Spool pins are a type of security pin often used in higher security locks. In this blog, we dive into the world of more advanced lock picking and teach you how to identify and pick spool pins. With the right techniques and tools, you'll be able to tackle these challenging pins found in many locks.

How To Pick Locks - Identifying Security Pins


POLARIS Lock Rakes - The Most Comprehensive Set of Rakes Ever! (VIDEO)

The Dangerfield Polaris Rake Set is a comprehensive collection of lock rakes that are perfect for both beginners and advanced lock pickers. While raking is often considered a 'beginner's technique', this set comes complete with a 4000 eBook explaining more advanced techniques that will surprise and introduce even the most seasoned pros to more raking possibilities. Learn more about this exceptional rake set in our blog. 

The Best Set of Lock Rakes - Dangerfield Polaris


Impressioning Locks - Open the Lock + Get a Working Key! 

In this blog, we explore the technique of impressioning locks. This method involves creating a key by pressing a blank key against the pins of a lock and using the resulting impressions to guide the cutting of a working key. We cover the tools and techniques needed to master this method in depth. One of the most underrated lock picking techniques - Master's can make a working key in under a minute!

Lock Impressioning - How To Impression Locks


Broken Lock Picks + How to Prevent them (And a VIDEO showing how to make new picks from broken ones!)

Broken lock picks are a frustrating and common occurrence for many lock pickers. In this blog, we discuss the various reasons why lock picks break and offer tips and tricks for preventing it from happening. From proper use and maintenance to choosing the right picks for the job, we cover it all. Don't let broken picks slow you down, read our blog and learn how to keep your picks in top shape.

Broken Lock Picks


Fantasy Lock Picking Tools

In this blog, we imagine the future of lock picking and the incredible tools that science might one day be able to produce. From picks that can scan and analyze locks at a molecular level to those that can manipulate individual pins with pinpoint accuracy, the possibilities are endless. Whether these fantastical picks will ever become a reality remains to be seen, but it's certainly fun to dream about the possibilities.

Fantasy Lock Picking Tools


RAKING: The Quick and Easy Way to Pick Locks You Can Learn in a Day

Raking is a quick and easy lock picking technique that can often be learned in a matter of hours, or even minutes. In this blog, we delve into the world of raking, exploring the tools and techniques needed to master this method. With the right tools, knowledge, and a little bit of practice, you'll be raking locks open in no time.

Raking - how to open locks in seconds


The Microcosm of a Heist - That's Lock Picking

In this blog, we compare the exciting world of lock picking to the thrill of a heist, as seen in movies and popular media. From the clever planning and execution of a successful pick to the rush of adrenaline that comes with overcoming a challenging lock, there are many similarities between the two. With loads of heist movie references you'll love reading about the parallels between lock picking and pulling off the perfect job!

The Microcosm of a Heist.


How to Pick Locks: Techniques for Beginners

This blog covers the various lock picking tools and techniques that every beginner should be familiar with. It discusses the different types of lock picks, tension wrenches, and practice locks, as well as how to use them effectively. The blog also covers the importance of practicing and learning the proper techniques to ensure success in lock picking.

Lock Picking techniques for beginners


How to be a Locksmith - FIVE Important tools

This blog discusses five important lock picking tools for professional locksmiths. It covers Electric Pick Guns, Latch Shims, Jigglers, Rakes, and Bump Keys. The blog explains the uses and functions of each tool, and emphasizes the importance of having a well-rounded set of tools in order to be able to tackle a variety of lock types and scenarios.

How To Be A Locksmith - FIVE Essential Tools


How to make a Prison Tattoo Gun + Other Prison Ingenuity.

This blog details the steps for making a prison-style tattoo gun. It explains how to gather materials, such as a motor, needles, and a power source, and how to put them together to create a functional tattoo gun. There are risks and dangers of using homemade tattoo equipment, so DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. We also look at other Prison-Made items, including LOCK PICKS

Prison Made Tattoo Guns


You Can Open Locks With Skeleton Keys + VIDEO

This blog discusses a type of modern skeleton key called a "Jiggler," which are traditionally used for wafer locks, but with changes in the design can now be used to open pin-cylinder locks using the jiggler technique. The blog includes a video demonstrating the ease with which these Cylinder Jigglers can open pin-cylinder locks.

Skeleton Keys


Is My Home safe? I ask a THIEF!

This interview with a reformed domestic thief discusses various tips and strategies for protecting your home and belongings. The thief shares insider knowledge on common entry points that burglars target and how to secure them, as well as the importance of having a good security system and keeping valuables out of sight. The interview also includes some unexpected advice, such as the importance of getting to know your neighbors and considering getting a dog.

Interview with a Thief - Is Your Home Safe?


The Successful Lock Picker Mentality + How To Have It

This blog discusses the importance of having the right mindset in order to be a successful lock picker. It covers various factors that can impact a lock picker's performance, such as temperament, flow states, and knowing when to stop. The blog emphasizes that there is more to opening locks than simply using lock picking tools, and that having the right mindset can be crucial to success.

The Lock Picker Mentality


How to Locate The Binding Pin When Learning to Pick Locks

This blog discusses the binding pin principle, which is an essential concept to understand when learning how to pick locks. Without knowing about binding pins, you will only pick locks with luck and be stuck on very basic, low security locks. If pins didn't bind, you wouldn't be able to pick locks - it's that important.

Identifying Binding Pins - How to Pick Locks


Houdini and Victorian Lock Sport.

This blog explores the connection between lock picking and conjuring, specifically the link between Harry Houdini and Victorian lock sport. It discusses how Houdini, who was a famous magician and escapologist, was also an avid lock picker and helped to popularize the hobby of lock sport during the Victorian era. The blog delves into the history of lock sport and how it has evolved over time, highlighting the connection between lock picking and the art of deception.

Houdini and Victorian Lock Sport


FIVE Locks You Can ‘Break’ Into at Home with Household Objects

This blog covers various tips and tricks for picking, bypassing, or tricking locks around the house. It discusses the use of household items such as, bobby pins, and custard powder as makeshift lock picks, as well as techniques for shimming and opening combination locks.

How to Pick Locks With Household Items


RAKING LOCKS - The Quick and Easy Way to Pick Locks

Raking locks is a technique used to quickly and easily open a lock using a tool called a rake - of which we have LOADS! The technique is often overlooked in favor of more complex lock picking tools + Techniques, but it can be just as effective and is much easier to learn. You'll be opening locks in a day, possibly hours. Raking locks requires little skill and can be accomplished with minimal practice. Despite its simplicity, raking is frequently not given the credit it deserves. I put that right. Let's Rake some locks!

Raking Locks - Quick, Easy, Lock Picking


There's No Such Thing as an UNPICKABLE LOCK!

In this blog, I argue that all locks can be picked given the right knowledge and understanding. There's a saying amongst lock pickers, "There's no such thing as an unpickable lock, just locks that haven't been picked yet."

Unpickable Locks?


The Worst Break-In Ever! A Glastonbury Festival Mess.

Two friends and I hatch a plan to sneak into the Glastonbury Festival for free, but due to how shall we say 'being chemically challenged' the misadventures and mishaps make for a comically disastrous and ultimately failed mission. A funny reminder of the mistakes we make when we're young and trying to have a good time - for free!

Glastonbury Festival Story


Six Survival Experts Reveal Uses For Everyday Items

In this blog post, six survival experts discuss the versatility of everyday objects in survival situations. Things like using a simple plastic bag as a makeshift water filter to repurposing a soda can as a makeshift stove, the experts share their unique insights and provide practical tips for turning ordinary objects into valuable resources in a pinch. Interesting for everyone this, you can make people think you're a Special Forces operative, well, I do anyway.

Survival Expert Uses Everyday Items To Open Locks


Put Simply: The Binding Pin Principle in Lock Picking

The Binding Pin Principle is a crucial concept in lock picking that involves identifying the pin that's being pinched between the core/plug and the housing. In this blog, the importance of understanding and mastering the Binding Pin Principle is emphasized, as it is a key factor in successfully picking locks. Without a solid understanding of this principle, it is unlikely that you will be able to effectively pick locks that are of a decent quality, and you'll never be able to learn Single Pin Picking.

The Binding Pin Principle - Lock Picking


A Criminal, a Spaceship + a Very Strange Lock Pick

This blog introduces a unique lock pick that looks like a little spaceship! The pick has an interesting history, but its story is far from complete. The blog provides a brief overview of the pick's history and design, but the story isn't complete and there's still a fair amount of mystery surrounding it.

The Sputnik Lock Picking Tool


How to Get Rich - SERIOUSLY!

In this blog, I discuss how to get rich with the help of Felix Denis, an eccentric and mega-rich man (who is sadly no longer with us). I share my experience of seeking financial guidance from Denis and the unconventional advice I received. Denis' unconventional approach to wealth-building may be worth considering for those looking to achieve financial success. Trust me - I did it!

How To Get Rich Felix Dennis


World Champ Jos Weyers Shows us How to Impression Locks

In this blog, world champion lock picker Jos Weyers discusses the technique of impressioning locks. Impressioning involves creating a working key using the lock you're attacking. Weyers explains the process in detail and offers tips for those interested in learning this advanced lock picking technique. I've seen Jos impression locks straight out of the box in less than a minute!

Jos Weyers - How to Impression Locks


Interview With Jos Weyers - Champion Lock Impressioner

In this blog, I Interview Jos Weyers, who we learned about in the previous blog. This is a DEEP-DIVE into Jos' process and is packed with tips and tricks to make you better at Lock impressioning - or 'key impressioning' as it's also known! (Although really is should be called 'Pin Impressioning'!)

Basic Lock Picking with Every Day Items


Gun Safe Gum Wrapper Bypass (VIDEO)

You'd think something as serious as a gun-safe would be able to withstand a fair amount of attacks before accessing the contents, right? Wrong - in this VIDEO you'll see how this particular gun-safe can be opened with a chewing gum wrapper. Shocking.

Gun Safe Gum Wrapper Bypass


Applying Top of Keyway Tension (TOK)

This blog post explains the use of top of keyway (TOK) tension tools when lock picking. TOKs are tension tools (or tension wrenches) that are inserted into the top of the lock and used to apply pressure on the core/plug. The post discusses the benefits of using a TOK, making it easier to pick certain types of locks. It also provides tips and techniques for successful lock picking using a TOK. Before, Bottom of Keyway tension tools (BOK) were the standard, but in the last few years TOK have taken over as the go-to tensioner - unless the technique won't allow for it.

Top Of Keyway (TOK) Tensioning


Interesting Lock Picking Tools Beginners Might Like

Here's a selection of Lock Picking Tools + Techniques that will open the mind of the beginner, or anyone new to Lock Picking to the many ands varied lock picking tricks out there.

Guide to Lock Picking - Downloadable


Every Lock Can Be Picked! (Medeco Biaxial)

Marc Tobias' book "Open in 30 Seconds" demonstrates that all locks can potentially be picked. The book focuses on the Medeco Biaxial, a lock marketed as one of the most secure in America, and shows that it can be opened non-destructively in under 30 seconds using various methods such as bumping, picking, and impressioning. Reading this in-depth, deep-dive into the Medeco Biaxial will make you a better lock picker and teach you about things you never knew existed!

Every Lock Can Be Picked - Medeco Biaxial


$400 Lock Opened With a Magnet! The KABA Simplex Affair

The $300 Kaba Simplex lock was found to be easily exploitable using a magnet. The vulnerability allowed anyone with an easily obtainable magnet and the internet to find out to gain access.

The Kaba Simplex Affair - Magnet Bypass


Is Your Front Door Vulnerable to This Simple Locksmith's Trick?

This well-known locksmith's trick can potentially allow someone with very little training and an easily accessible household item to gain access to many locks in use today. Many locks are vulnerable to this technique, which can be performed quickly and quietly. 

Is Your Home Vulnerable to This Simple Locksmith Trick?


Enter The KRONOS - The Electric Lock Pick of Dreams! (VIDEO)

The Multipick Kronos electric pick gun (EPG) is a tool that can be used by locksmiths or lock sporters to quickly and easily open many locks. A video review of the product by YouTube lock picking legend, Bosnian Bill demonstrating potential buyers to see the tool in action and get a better understanding of its features and capabilities.


The Kronos EPG - The Lock Picking Tool of Dreams


Lock Pick Supply Wars - How Things Used to be Selling Lock Picks Online

The blog discusses the my first online lock picking business and how it was weirdly similar to the "ice-cream wars" in Glasgow, Scotland. The "ice-cream wars" were a series of disputes and violent incidents that occurred in Glasgow during the 1980s and 1990s, often involving rival ice cream truck vendors. OK, so it wasn't that bad - but threats of murder and an actual killing did happen!

Lock Pick Wars and Ice Cream Wars - Supplying Lock Picks


KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun Basic User Guide

The KLOM electric pick gun is a great budget version of this remarkable tool. It can be used to quickly open locks without damaging them. The EPG uses a motor to send rapid vibrations through the needle, causing the lock's pins to bounce up and down and - when they're all on the shearline - open the lock. This is a beginners guide to using the tool

KLOM EPG Basic User Guide


A True Story About Safe Cracking

In the basement of the Alberta Vermilion Heritage Museum, there lies a safe. A big safe. It's a 2000lb (907kg) monster. This is the true story of how they opened it and what was inside. And what was in the safe? Gold bullion? Incriminating documents? Spy gadgets? Jewelry worth millions? Read this blog and find out!

A True Story About Safe-Cracking


From Not Lock Picker to Lock Picker in 3 Months

This blog post discusses how consistent practice and study can lead to becoming an advanced lock picker in a relatively short amount of time. It emphasizes the importance of regularly practicing different techniques and studying the inner workings of locks in order to improve one's skills. With commitment and dedication, significant progress can be made in just a few months. I have a friend who was a gas engineer, and from buying a set of picks, one year later he offers locksmithing as part of his service - and is a very fine picker, too.

Becoming a Lock Picker in Three Months


Dimple Locks Are Easy To Pick - with the right tools.

The blog post emphasizes that learning to pick dimple locks is mainly about having the right tools and understanding how the locks work. With proper understanding and practice, anyone can master the technique of picking dimple locks, regardless of your prior experience. It also suggests that having a good understanding of the mechanics and design of dimple locks is crucial for successfully picking them. Don't be scared of them! They're just cylinder locks with the key turned ninety degrees!


3D Printer Defeats Combination Locks (2 VIDEOS)

You've got to love ingenuity! The blog post describes how a machine, made with a 3D printer, can be used to defeat combination locks. It includes two videos that demonstrate the machine in action and show how it can quickly and easily open combination locks.  

3D Printer Defeats Combination Locks (VIDEOS)


What is a Master Key System?

The blog post explains how master key systems work, where one key can open a variety of locks that each have a different key for each user. It also highlights that there are different levels or "tiers" of mastery for different types of master key systems setups. The post notes that master key systems are commonly used in commercial and residential properties, allowing for more efficient and secure access control.

What is a Master Key System


Interview With a Master Auto-Locksmith 

The blog post is an interview with a master vehicle locksmith, who discusses the tools and techniques he's learned over the years and how they've changed his work. He explains that advances in technology have greatly impacted the tools and methods used in the industry, and that staying current with the latest developments is crucial in order to be effective. The locksmith also shares his experience and tips on how to become a proficient vehicle locksmith. Includes Lishis, Through the window and the latest in electronic tech thieves are using.

Interview with a MASTER Auto-Locksmith


The BEST EVER VIDEO on Penetration Testing

The blog post features a video that highlights the work of penetration testers, whose job is to ensure commercial buildings are secure. The video demonstrates how easy it can be for a skilled individual to access many buildings, despite their supposed security measures. The post suggests that the video serves as a reminder of the importance of proper security protocols and regular testing to identify vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Video


Are Progressive Locks Any good?

The blog post argues that progressive locks, which are designed to be more difficult to pick as the user improves their skills, are a waste of money for beginners looking to learn about locks and lock-picking since there are better options available for those just starting out, and that progressive locks may actually hinder learning and progress. The post recommends that beginners invest in clear locks if they are right at the start of their journey, cut-away repinnable locks if they know the basics, and real locks if they're ready to really go for it!

Are Progressive Locks Any Good?


Why You Need Lots of Locks

The blog post emphasizes that the key to learning how to pick locks quickly and effectively is to invest in as many locks as possible, including practice locks, repinnable locks, and real locks. The author, who has decades of experience teaching lock picking, argues that this approach has been proven to be successful time and time again. The post suggests that having a diverse collection of locks to practice on allows for a more comprehensive understanding of different lock types and picking techniques.

Why You Need Lots of Locks


Just Being Able to See Your Keys Can Assist a Thief

The blog post explains how just your keys on a restaurant table or bar can assist them in entering your home. Just by observing the keys - or taking a photo -  a thief can deduce the type of lock, brand and even the keyway, all of which can be used to gain access to the building. The post also suggests that thieves have other tricks up their sleeves which will surprise you and which you should consider if you care about your property.

Just Being Able to See Your Keys Can Assist a Thief.


Those 'Love Lock' Bridges! (Funny Video)

The blog post discusses the phenomenon of "love locks" being fixed to bridges, and how the accumulated weight of these locks has made them a hazard. The post also includes a video that shows a personal lock-picking job, a chastity belt - I bet all you locksmiths dream of such things!

Love-Lock Bridges Collapsing


Prevent Cognitive Decline With Lock Picking

New research reveals that engaging in puzzle-solving activities, such as lock picking, may help prevent cognitive decline. By stimulating the brain, enhancing problem-solving skills and memory retention, this unique hobby could be a proactive measure for maintaining mental acuity and vitality.


How to REPIN Your Dangerfield Repinnable + Cut-Away Lock

Detailed instructions how to repin your Dangerfield Repinnable + Cut-away Lock. These simple instructions explain how to replace both the key pins and the driver pins with ease. Everything you need is in the box, although you may need some cardboard or a pinning mat to better manage your repinning. If you have any questions, let us know.